Tuesday, July 28, 2009

more ♥ lov ♥

came across these absolutely beautiful and lovely images of lov :

~ by emerald lily ~

~ by vickanflickan71 ~

~ by mimi charmante ~

~ by alex edg ~


mimi charmante said...

Thank you so much for your link to the barn house photos - I always appreciate that!

I have to tell you, the urban designs shot of the lily-of-the-valley shot above is also mine... Not sure how it ended up in urban design...

have a great day,

aileen :: motu said...

hi hi! thanks for letting me know about that! i saw this picture from flickr which led me to urban design... anyway, i have now corrected the labelling! thanks!

mimi charmante said...

You are fabulous! thank you~

vickan said...

my oh my! how sweet of you to post my pic! love your blog by the way, very pretty.


aileen :: motu said...

hi vickan ~ thx for stopping by! i just went to visit yours and you pictures are fabulous!!! ^_^