Saturday, July 25, 2009

how to steal a seat :: 覇位三部曲

step #1: walk up to the target quietly... without being seen

step #2: look innocent

step #3: jump & push

seat taken!
a smile of victory!


Miss LK said...

Too CUTE!!! How can anyone not love animals?

I have no resistance towards dogs, cats, rabbits... they just go straight to heart :)

When my son is ready for college(many many years from now... he is allergic to pet dander), I'm definitely going to have another pet.

sabe said...

this is chee sin!

aileen :: motu said...

miss lk ~ same here! they just melt my heart! i would really love to have more dogs and perhaps a rabbit or two! but that's not possible now... unless i don't have a full time job! ^_^
if you are to get one, what will you get? a doggie?

sabe ~ now you know why i am chee sin.... hahaha