Saturday, July 25, 2009

eight eyes

this afternoon,
we went to get extra eyes.

our target : geeky black frames

we tried out many many shapes and styles...
big, small
rounded, elongated
geeky, very geeky
chic and silly

in the end,
somotu got two pairs
i got two pairs

somotu's were more on the geeky~stylish end;
while mine were.... hmmm
one pair was geeky~ stylish~angry looking (somotu thinks i should have a more angry-looking face in the new island so that i won't get bullied.... hahaha)
the other pair was... aaaa.... stupid and silly
stupid and silly cuz the black frame is quite big and rounded...
somotu thinks i look like this

mine are with prescription
and because i have really bad eye sight,
i don't know whether the glasses will come out to have too many circles...

the reason i need / want new glasses is because my current one is almost broken...
of these looks from

apart from the geeky glasses,
i also ♥ ♥ ♥ the platform shoes

and great boots....

.... nice shirt

the glasses will be ready by next week,
maybe i can show you the look (only if it is not too bad, haha...)

oh! and her....


La Belle Epoque said...

ok, i tell u a secret, actually i hv complete perfect eye sight and i need no glasses for my eyes, just one day i saw this frame and i love it and i wear it now~

aileen :: motu said...

hahaha u have fooled me!!!! i wish i could have perfect eye sight too. it is quite inconvenient to switch between contact lens and glasses... and i still don't have the guts to do lasik!

sabe said...

who said she doesn't go shopping?

Anonymous said...

oh those looks are divine!! wish i had those long legs in my next life though...hehe

aileen :: motu said...

sabe ~ i know, i know... kae!

momo ~ same here!!!!! such long and skinny legs!