Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

some dreams

dream no. 1
~ own a little shop full of zakka, lace, vintage and handmade goodies
~ use the shop as storage for all the zakka and junk so that there will be more space at home (i know somotu will raise both hands!)
~ the color theme of the shop is creamy... vanilla...
~ fill up the entire shop with vanilla aroma...
~ play bossa nova, french music non-stop
~ name it as: a*brocante

dream no. 2
~ get a new family member
~ we have even thought of a name already!!!
~ the name: shadow (preferred by somotu).... or doudou (preferred by motu)
~ think it should be a girl (brownie will be happy)
~ the question is black or silver??
~ why the name shadow / doudou? cuz such dark color is like the shadow of brownie & sugar

some dreams!!


time for bed
to dream these dreams

goodnight... ZZZZZZZZZZZ

chapter three

one fine morning
through the forest
through the garden of peonies
comes a birdie
in the lightest shade of vanilla

the birdie stops at the verandah
outside the princess' room

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

places i wanna be & things i wanna see

if, and only if, there is such a flea market here in town....
how wonderful would it be!!!!
i could easily spend the whole day staring at the booths, touching and admiring each piece of zakka....
it would be even nicer to wander in such a dreamy place with a friend or two, sipping from a cup of hot mocha, in autumn, when the weather is cool and dry....

~ all pictures taken from this lovely blog ~

and another place to die for....
will there ever be similar fairs / market places here??

and i would love to read this
it reminds me of this which has become a must in my collection of magazines

more ♥ lov ♥

came across these absolutely beautiful and lovely images of lov :

~ by emerald lily ~

~ by vickanflickan71 ~

~ by mimi charmante ~

~ by alex edg ~

Monday, July 27, 2009

sometimes, black is all

* a large rose
* linen thread
* cotton thread
* pieces of lace
* tassel
* wool
* tiny plastic flower
* nail polish
* sequins
* ink pad

♥ lov ♥

my favorite favorite kind of flower,
Lily Of the Valley

Sunday, July 26, 2009

wishing us all a happy monday tomorrow!

heard this song on the radio for the first time today

such a happy song

feels like being lifted into the blue sky by candy-colored balloons

am sure that i will keep humming this song tomorrow at work

hope it will take away the monday blues

have a happy monday!

~ 日々の音色 by sour ~

p.s. read from the description to the video that "the cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam."

the video is so cute and real.

animal lover

couldn't resist them...
deer & rabbit & vintage look & stamps
grabbed them from billie's shop last week

there is actually another set which i had set my eyes on...
a set of roses
i was only approved to get one set
so i went with the animals...

and i love the packaging...
the little pocket made to hold the stamps resembles those books for collecting stamps

i wonder if the stamps i collected over the years are still around at my mom's place
better check'em out next weekend when i go back

Saturday, July 25, 2009

eight eyes

this afternoon,
we went to get extra eyes.

our target : geeky black frames

we tried out many many shapes and styles...
big, small
rounded, elongated
geeky, very geeky
chic and silly

in the end,
somotu got two pairs
i got two pairs

somotu's were more on the geeky~stylish end;
while mine were.... hmmm
one pair was geeky~ stylish~angry looking (somotu thinks i should have a more angry-looking face in the new island so that i won't get bullied.... hahaha)
the other pair was... aaaa.... stupid and silly
stupid and silly cuz the black frame is quite big and rounded...
somotu thinks i look like this

mine are with prescription
and because i have really bad eye sight,
i don't know whether the glasses will come out to have too many circles...

the reason i need / want new glasses is because my current one is almost broken...
of these looks from

apart from the geeky glasses,
i also ♥ ♥ ♥ the platform shoes

and great boots....

.... nice shirt

the glasses will be ready by next week,
maybe i can show you the look (only if it is not too bad, haha...)

oh! and her....

how to steal a seat :: 覇位三部曲

step #1: walk up to the target quietly... without being seen

step #2: look innocent

step #3: jump & push

seat taken!
a smile of victory!

Friday, July 24, 2009

bows & initials

my first attempt to carve initials on rubber stamps...
not very successful.... the curves are not smooth and fine enough...

i have been practising some more last couple of nights...
made a couple more and still need some more practising.
will show pictures of them later...

along with this first set of initials,
also made a couple of oval-shaped frames and a ribbon bow.
was thinking of *mix & match*ing the different stamps...
like the initials with the scalloped frame,
the initials with the plain frame then with the ribbon bow...
having the ribbon bow placed on different sides of the frame...

though i am not good at it...
i think i am addicted to carving stamps!

p.s. along with the fun.... comes tired shoulders!

chapter two

day & night,
the little princess stays in her room
surrounded by darkness and quietness
feeling nothing

for the birthday girls

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a bit of this & that & ♪♪♪

still feeling a bit bizarre today...
but i think i should stick with my decision...
just around another month
before i join the new island.

in between the calls and meetings today,
i sat back and stared at the token i got from the island.
it is a token of appreciation i received in return for the years and work i have *contributed* to the island... along with all the sacrifice, white hair and frustrations....
there goes my ten years... precious ten years...

on the lighter side of things...

exchanged emails with girl friends on the eclipse of the century.
one said she looked at the sun with bare eyes and went blind.
one said she looked at the sun through an x-ray film of her feet.
i said, "i can't find the sun. someone please tell me the direction."
one said, "east lor!"
i went to the other side of the floor to find the sun.
found it! and looked at it.
very blinding!!! hahahaha...
when i closed my eyes, i could see images of the sun in the dark, behind my eyelids.
actually not only one sun, but four of them.
i reported back to the girls saying, "oh i found it! but now i see four suns! all lined up to form the shape of japan!"
one said, "geez... i think you are certified - blind. no need to go to japan for beautiful things as you can't see anything anymore."
and one said, "i think you are really stupid to ask for the direction of the sun..."
yes, i think i am really stupid today.

had some good fun with the girls during lunch today....

good to be able to laugh and be silly....

p.s. i think the image of japan i saw means something.... i think some one is trying to send me a signal.... that it is time to go again....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

double minded

the longer i am detained on the island,
the more double minded i become.

on some days,
i am positive about my decision.
that life is not just about work work work.
there are other things in life more important than work.
for one, family.
when work consumes the entire ME, there isn't any energy left for anything else.
and that the art is to strike a balance between work, life and family.

on some other days,
i am not so sure.
not so sure whether the decision to leave the island is a good one.

it is generally a good island.
it is, from various perspectives, at the top of the league table.
while people are trying to get in, i am trying to leave....

and today is one of those days,
when i am just not so sure anymore...
is it a good decision or not?
will i make it on the new island?

then sometimes,
i think perhaps i should just leave all the islands altogether.
and just do nothing.
nothing but handicrafts.

the other week, i was out for three days with acute gastritis.
i actually found it quite boring....
i actually missed *work*.....

....... sometimes i just don't know what i want.....
and sometimes i feel like i can't make any decisions.

hope i will have a clearer mind tomorrow.

Monday, July 20, 2009

la la la & pom pom

chapter one

once upon a time,
in a far away land
where there is an abundance of all good things one can imagine...
beautiful flowers, happiness & laughter, sunny days & romantic nights....

everyone living in the land of abundance is contented and happy.
except one little girl ~
the youngest daughter of the king & queen...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i see....

lots & lots & lots of fur

sugar thinks "i need a place to hide........"

run away

it's quite likely that i won't be able to travel (for vacation) for awhile.
but the more unlikely it is,
the more i want to squeeze in a short trip
because i am just frustrated with how things are going on the island...
the more frustrated i am, the more i want to rebel!

and therefore,
i am planning for a secret getaway....
a secret that i will not reveal, not even to brownie nor to sugar.

Friday, July 17, 2009

*crystal balls*

.... actually not really,
they are not as 3D as a ball...
but surely they are crystal clear...

after many unsuccessful trials,
many brass plates, cabochon, scraps went astrayed,
two came out *alright*.

i used two different types of *crystal-ball-makers*:
one is diamond glaze and the other is 3D crystal lacquer.
i find the latter one easier to manage (for a dummy like me) and it creates less bubbles.

these two charms are only *alright* because there are a few bubbles (the bubbles are quite stubborn and wouldn't go away even when i poked them with needles!) and cracks along the edge....
but i am quite happy already... at least i am getting there!

i will be adding a few charms to each and turn them into necklaces for myself...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Every time I see you something happens to me
Like a chain reaction between you and me
My heart starts missing a beat
Every time Oh oh oh, every time
If I didnt love you, I would look around for someone else
But every time I see you, you have the same effect
My heart starts missing a beat
My heart starts missing a beat
Every time I hear your heart beat next to me
Im in love with you; I mean what I say
Im in love with you, and you dont know
What it means to be with you

~ Heartbeat by Pet Shop Boys ~

i think this song best describes what happens to me each time i see pieces of beautiful lace....
i know it sounds crazy....
but i really do fall for lace...

and i felt my heart did start missing a beat when i saw these lace from a zakka shop in hokkaido!

i remember how beautiful each roll of lace looked in the lovely shop...
how difficult it was to decide which one to get...
how worried i was when i thought i didn't have enough cash with me!

these pictures do not do justice to them...
each piece looks beautiful in person... very delicately made, very soft & thin and nicely woven...
my favorite piece is the one at the bottom.
i have only cut a tiny little piece to make a brooch i made awhile ago... very hesitant to use more of it as i don't think i can come across something similar...

apart from lace, i also got a few pieces of wooden plate from the shop.
i especially like the embossed letters and flowers on the plate....

... and i still have the plastic bag with the price tag for the wooden plates....
it's the protective shield for the lace and plate, or, a body-guard for many years to come!

hard candy

this is the scrap / material book i recently got....
it comes with a CD rom with images of:


cream puffs!!

and sparkling donuts!!!

so yummy!!!
the best part is....
ZERO calorie!!!!