Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what's up there?

brownie: "sugar, look! look what's up there?!!!"

sugar: "what is it?? i can't see! i can't see! is it superdog flying up there?"

brownie: "no stupid! you are so slow! it's HOTDOG! yum!!!"

sugar: "oohhh!!!! it's flying closer!!!"
brownie: "okay! quick, let's get ready to catch this big fat HOTDOG! 50/50 between us ok?"
sugar: "ok, deal."

1, 2, 3... JUMP!

brownie: "o o o, it's speeding up... move to your right sugar!"

brownie: "you silly girl, always in the way... "
"hmmm... let's get ready again...."

one last final leap!!!!!!!!!!!

nice try....
the big fat hotdog flew right into someone else's mouth.....

and i really like those paws.....


Ciyou said...

haha... the hotdog fell in your mouth right?? Dogs are always over excited with foods

La Belle Epoque said...

i cant stop laughing and i keep seeing this post for 3 or 4 times, haha, i love your kids~~~


aileen :: motu said...

hahaha yes... they would do anything for food! especially food that they are not allowed to have, i.e. human food!

hihi billie ~ i think i should bring them to visit you and your newly done shop! ^_^