Tuesday, April 21, 2009

twelve *fifi lapin*!

fifi in the sky....
has finally arrived in town!
.... i was naughty.... you know what i mean....

while waiting at the counter, i found these stickers.
the sales lady said they are free, so i was going through them, trying to pick one (though secretly in my mind, i was thinking whether it's ok to take more than one).
the sales lady must be a mind-reader!
she was very nice and said, "oh, let me help you. let me get you one of each design from my drawer."
even better!
one, two, three, four .... eleven, TWELVE!
i got TWELVE fifi lapin!!! in TWELVE different outfits! hehehehe!

and that's not it!

i was given a booklet ~ with cut-out fifi lapin and her puppy stella....

.... and pretty outfits!!!
though i am very tempted to play with these outfits, i think for now,
i will be keeping the booklet intact... as i only got one.... hehehe....


Ciyou said...

omg~~ new bag again~~

Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

very pretty outfits. so funny!

Tricia said...

I have fifi in the sky too! Love it!

babysweat said...

jealous! :)