Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hihi angela,
thanks for stopping by and letting me know where else i can get LULA...
i managed to find a bookstore in central which has it. ^_^
did you also get the latest copy?


Angela said...

hi Aileen, great that you can found it in Central.
I tried IFC before but failed.
aiya, i havn't bought the magazine yet, sigh.. i bought so many books & magazine from Tokyo, need to finish them frist. (ha dun think i can finish them in a month lor haha)

Angela said...

Hey Aileen, also, you can buy a copy from kubrick also.

btw, i love your artwork so much also brownie and sugar are so cute. I bought a white flower bracelet by you from la belle epoque last month. I love it so much.

i love knitting also. will visit your website more frequently, check your new product so i can reserve it haha

i don't want to copy from you hee hee so i am now knitting the bracelet/hair gum for my sisters and friends, Aileen, the wave shape i made also look good on a broach :)

You can block this message if you wish hee hee :)

waiting for your new product :D

aileen :: motu said...

hihi angela ~ thanks so much.. i am so happy that you like the bracelet... thanks again ^_^
you like knitting too?! good good! we should exchange ideas!! the wave shape you mentioned sounds interesting, how is it made? is it like ruffled lace?? i have been sewing ruffled lace to the brooches and necklaces i made lately... i like ruffles and i love lace! hehehe......
the bookstore i mentioned is @ 環球大廈 on the 2/F, it is to the right of the elevator... the shop owner (he is very kind) will call me when new issues arrive... will let you know when the next one comes out! thanks again for stopping by ^_^

Angela said...

ha ha, yes i love lanc too, that's why i love you products so much, i am your fans ha. I bought some books which have steps of corocheting lace, let me show you later :)

aileen :: motu said...

yes yes yes! please show me later!!!! ^_^