Monday, March 23, 2009

pink is spring

it was like love at first sight.
i just knew i have to get them as soon as i saw them.

i can't resist the color ~ pale dusty pink
i can't resist the softness of the leather
i can't resist the mary jane look
i can't resist the shape ~ rounded front

and last but not the least, the heels ~ wedge!
just exactly what i am looking for to welcome spring!

and the shopping bag.....
i usually say, "no bag for me. i have a BYOB, thank you."
but i am keeping this one.... i love the color and the ribbon bow
silly, huh?

of course there were many other things i am falling for at the shop,
but i was good.
i was able to control myself....

dear designer,
please stop throwing in elements like soft shades, ribbon bows, lace, ruffles....
better yet, why don't you stop the ladies' line and start a men's line?


dapan said...

absolutely gorgeous! i love the color, so pretty!

Sally said...

please stop throwing in elements like soft shades, ribbon bows, lace, ruffles-----> haha, but it is chloe's style!!

so the only way is dunn walk into the shop if u dunn wanna fall in the trap of those fancy stuff :p

Ciyou said...

this is how they make business

betbet said...

nice one.. seems ribbon is this season icon... every brand has something with ribbon...

joanna said...

oh those shoes are lovely indeed!!

sabe said...

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to get one too!!!!!!!!

aileen :: motu said...

sabe ~ here comes the DEVIL: this pair comes in pale green too!!!! hahahaha... your color!

kat said...

ahh chloe shoes
and these are so gorgeous too!!