Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the new boom box

finally had to get rid of my old boom box.
apart from the radio reception, none of the other functions were working.
it ate my cassette tape and refused to spin around my CDs.
i was trying to live with it for quite some time.
partly because i didn't have time to shop for a new one,
partly because it's difficult to find one that is reasonable in price, good-looking and small enough.
i guess boom box is not that popular anymore....

couple weeks ago, we saw this one.
i did have some reservations about it, but with the persuasion from somotu and the urge to get one so that i can listen to CDs while working on my crafty projects in my zakka room,
i gave in.

i had reservations about it because it looks too *modern*.
i wanted one that looks *old and used*...
but anyway, i threw something lace~y on it!
looks better, i think.....
and so it is also my valentine's day present.....

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