Saturday, March 28, 2009

la tour eiffel

tiny lily of the valley, vintage plastic white flower, faux pearl, lace flower on la tour eiffel..
all sitting comfortably on a hand-sprayed plate fixed to a necklace.


joop said...

was at the shop the other day but some girl was hogging your stuff...maybe she was worried that I am going to snatch them away before she could make a decision hahaha...oh well, maybe next time.

have a nice day aileen~

p.s. btw did you snatch up all the eiffel tower in ssp? I was at a charm store then other day and they said the smaller size one is sold out :P

aileen :: motu said...

hi joop, hope you had a good weekend. i went to there couple of times already. first time there were none left and second time, there were only a few left. so i bought them all. the seond time i went was about two weekds ago, when did you go? want to see if i should try going again!

joop said...

I went 2 weeks ago so they might have restocked already...fingers x!

aileen :: motu said...

thx! if i happen to go, i will report back to you (and leave enough for you) hehehe.... ^_^