Sunday, March 1, 2009

i was a busy bee yesterday


busy busy...

~ had lunch with mom& dad, my brother & ah king. it's mom & dad's anniversary! **HAPPY ANNIVERSARY**! and yes, next year we will throw you two a BIG party!

~ returned some CDs and a brooch to sally

~ went to visit Joanna and didi again

~ made a quick stop at bibelot.... yes yes... naughty me... dropped some money there again

~ went to pick up my contact lens

~ rushed to grandma's place for dinner

~ made another quick stop at the mall at prince edward.... dropped some money again (it's very hard not to drop money there!)

~ rushed back home to feed the poopoos...

~ did laundry

i wonder what did somotu do yesterday.... hope he is having fun in shanghai and taking lots of good pictures....

btw somotu: "since you took all the cameras with you and left me with none.... i have to use the polaroid to take pictures today.... hence there is now one box less in our inventory..... don't scold me la..."

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Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

yes, you are very busy yesterday!