Saturday, March 28, 2009


linen in pastel colors & bits of lace & a crocheted lace frame set on a hand-stamped center equals a necklace for spring.


dapan said...

i love this one. SO PRETTY! SO PRETTY!

aileen :: motu said...

dapan ~ thank you so much ~ you are so kind!

kitty said...

dear aileen,

i'm a new visitor to your blog. i bought a similar necklace at magenta few days ago. i love it so much! you're talented! other items are very nice as well, but i keep asking myself to STOP...hahaha!

i know you also made your own tote bags, they're lovely! please let me know if there is tote bag collection in the near future coz i really want to have one : )


aileen :: motu said...

dear kitty ~ thx so much!!! your kind words are very encouraging to me! thx again. yes i did made a number of tote bags for myself awhile ago but haven't got the time to make any recently... i actually made a very big brooch this weekend... it's so big that i don't think it can be worn as a brooch so maybe i will make a tote to go with it... will show it after it's done... ^_^

kitty said...

keep up the good work, aileen! i'm expecting to your tote bag with a big brooch : )