Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dear Secret Blog Police

of course i do not dare to dare you!
of course i am not building my own zoo!
of course only you can have the comprehensive zoo!

in fact,
i am your humble and loyal servant,
trying to call for new members,

trying to lure new friends
so that you can expand your zoo,
so that it is not just a SAFARI zoo.
so that yours can become an universal zoo!

very soon, you will find lulu the rabbit, mermer the sheep, gizgiz, mizmiz, lala, etc knocking on your door.....

i came across this while flipping through my stack of scrapbook papers....
i swear it is totally incidental!
i was going to write about something else today,
but it is so incidental that i just gotta take some pictures and write something about this:

the first page that caught my eye was *S*

... queen of the jungle (or the zoo)

and *da~dun*!!!!
there is even a word for you: *sabeism*!!!

and lastly, a bonus for you....
words starting with *Z*,
so that you can win more points when playing scrabble....
cuz, *Z* worths 10 points!
hahahah, and some tips here....


betbet said...

Motu/Sabe, funny conversations... hahahah

aileen :: motu said...

we are just really "mo liu" hahahahaa

sabe said...

ho dai dam!!!!! please pass me the page for sabeism because it is my page!!!!!!!!! blog police has reserrected. i'm going to be kae's mobile police too!!!!!!

aileen :: motu said...

好驚呀! mobile police is back!!!

the page will become your 2010's birthday present.