Sunday, March 29, 2009

black is the new white

white, creme, vanilla, off-white.... these are all colors i love.
but recently i find myself being drawn to black as well.
i quite like the combo of black + beige + grey + creme....
made a few necklaces and brooches using this color theme.

and this one, freshly *baked* last night...
*baked* with my new black lace, tea dyed lace with silver glitter, creme feathers and a faux rhinesone.

just received my order of linen threads ~ in black, grey and malt...
can't wait to start *baking* with them!


ashlee 魚 said...

both are pretty !
is it hollow for the first one?

Sally said...

you are a nice chef!
nice combination!

Anonymous said...

Hi aileen,
can u teach me how to made this???

my email:


aileen :: motu said...

ashlee ~ thx alot... yes the first one is "hollow".

sally ~ but you are the real "chef" who can really cook!!

pussy ~ will email you