Tuesday, March 31, 2009

me, bad

i have totally missed di di's *full month* last friday....
i am bad.

di di ~ i will make it up to you.

and... happy belated birthday!!!!!
i wish you health and happiness...
and growing up to appreciate all the wonderful and selfless things your mom has done for you.

it's BIG

couple weeks ago, i got myself a lovely silhouette stamp from the shop...
it's one of the biggest stamps i have ever gotten!
i didn't really have any idea of how to use it since it's so big.....
then billie has this brilliant idea of making a big brooch for it.
so here's the end product....
it's really BIG... i mean big as in the size of my palm!
it's actually so big that i don't think anyone would be wearing it as a brooch! hahahaha!
i think it will go better with a tote bag....
so my next plan is to make a tote bag for it.....

Monday, March 30, 2009


my favorite picture in her new album

seems like all of a sudden there are alot of negative comments about her...
i don't know her personally so i can't judge or comment on her. and i don't wanna do that either.
the only thing that is factual and "tangible" to me is her music.
i like her music, especially the ones that are not being plugged.
it should be very simple ~ enjoy the music. if it's not your cup of tea, then just move on.

sometimes i can't help but think why do we like to complicate and over analyze things?
why do we like to think negative of others, give bad comments, spread bad words...
are negative comments easier to come out from one's mouth than encouraging and positive comments? what does one gain by doing so?
i can't understand... or maybe i am too *naive*
i don't think those who like to critcize others are particularly happier or better off....

taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, i think there are too many negative and unpleasant sentiments in the place which we are living in today. i wish and i hope we can try to think positive, think *beautiful* of others and be encouraging towards one another. really, just to live in peace with one another in this crowded place.

*For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.* Audrey Hepburn quote.

who wants some popcorn?

ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ said sugar
btw, these pictures were taken before the beauty and grooming treatment,
that's why sugar looked like a furry ball with no eyes! hahahaha....

fat fingers

i don't know what happened,
but it's the first time this happened...
probably because my finger was getting a bit shaky and a bit too fat,
i pressed the button twice within a split of a second and out came two pictures of the same...
kind of a waste,
so i think i am going to do something similar to this and that
when i have time.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

black is the new white

white, creme, vanilla, off-white.... these are all colors i love.
but recently i find myself being drawn to black as well.
i quite like the combo of black + beige + grey + creme....
made a few necklaces and brooches using this color theme.

and this one, freshly *baked* last night...
*baked* with my new black lace, tea dyed lace with silver glitter, creme feathers and a faux rhinesone.

just received my order of linen threads ~ in black, grey and malt...
can't wait to start *baking* with them!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

la tour eiffel

tiny lily of the valley, vintage plastic white flower, faux pearl, lace flower on la tour eiffel..
all sitting comfortably on a hand-sprayed plate fixed to a necklace.

ribbon bow necklaces

simple = a faux rhinestone
delicate = hand stamped lace with tiny silver beads sewed along the stamped lace

ballerina & flowers

vintage button & faux rhinestone & fine leather ribbon bow & hand-sprayed roses on two layers of ruffled linen equals a bracelet.


linen in pastel colors & bits of lace & a crocheted lace frame set on a hand-stamped center equals a necklace for spring.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

working too hard

i was really working too hard...

the other day, i was sitting at my desk,
staring at the two screens, working as usual....

... then i started noticing some "burnt" smell...
next thing i knew,
there was smoke coming out from the top of one of my monitors!
i rushed out of my room and called for help!
then came the office and building security guards....
in the end, i got a new monitor.

then another day, while i was on a conference call,
the two monitors first became frozen, no reaction.
then the screens went completely blank!
called for help again....
after some *investigation", my computer was certified....
replaced with a new one...

both times, i was asked "are you working long hours?"

and i wonder why didn't smoke come out from my head instead?
and why didn't my brain go completely blank instead?
i guess i have probably *transferred* the *smoke* and *blankness* to the monitors and computer.....

hey boss, even machines can't stand the stress. i really deserve a break! before you see me dropping onto the floor one day.....

ooopppsss.... ssshhhh!

as soon as i found out from her blog that she is going to do a cross-over with lesportsac,
i have been waiting for the bags....
finally, last week i read from the magazine that they have arrived!
so i rushed to the store and grabbed one....

... but,
when i got home and looked at the magazine...........
i realized that the one i got wasn't the one i had in mind....
the one i wanted was the one with random layouts, shades of black and raindrops,
called "fifi in the sky"
i think i am going to *secretly* get this one as well when it arrives at the shop....
can't let somotu know that i am getting a 2nd one.... he thinks i have too many bags already, but i think he won't notice the difference between the two. men can't really tell the difference when it comes to accessories, shoes, bags, clothes... you know what i mean....

on the next page of the magazine,
there is this other pattern which makes me go WOW WOW WOW!!!
~ lace lace lace & ribbon ribbon ribbon & grey grey grey & pink pink pink...
this japanese magazine said it will be available in end of march (NOW???!!!)

.... and the oscar goes to....

brownie was asking me to reserve this ribbon bow for him the other night.

motu: "what for?"
brownie: "i will have a VID next year and the dress code is BLACK TIE."
motu: "what VID???"
brownie: "a VERY IMPORTANT DAY..."
motu: "oh boy, you are so silly..."
brownie: "huh! silly?? just wait and see.... i'm going to make you so proud next year."
motu: "okok... tell me, what is this VERY IMPORTANT DAY NEXT YEAR?"
brownie: "hahahahha.... i'm going to the oscar next year. and i'am going to bring home the GOLDEN MAN."
motu: ".........................."
brownie: "how can you be so UNsupportive!!"
motu: "support WHAT??"
brownie: "supportive of me getting the BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR!!!"
motu: "crazy boy!"
brownie: "NO! i did a great job in the movie!"
motu: "yeah yeah yeah...... in your dreams...."
brownie: "but you said i did a great job being Pedestrian A (路人甲)!!! you said that scene which i appeared for 1 second and how i was standing next to the tree... i was standing so casually as if i was really standing there, not like acting at all!"
motu: ".................."

lulu the rabbit is back...

.... and this time, she has her eyes on the freshwater pearls and faux rhinestone......
hey girl, they are too big for you!
hmm, or maybe she wants to catch the birds???

Monday, March 23, 2009

my new friends

.... or i should say my latest frenzy....
tiny tiny paper and fabric flowers....
i like them so much...
absolutely need to add them to my hand-crafted accessories...

pink is spring

it was like love at first sight.
i just knew i have to get them as soon as i saw them.

i can't resist the color ~ pale dusty pink
i can't resist the softness of the leather
i can't resist the mary jane look
i can't resist the shape ~ rounded front

and last but not the least, the heels ~ wedge!
just exactly what i am looking for to welcome spring!

and the shopping bag.....
i usually say, "no bag for me. i have a BYOB, thank you."
but i am keeping this one.... i love the color and the ribbon bow
silly, huh?

of course there were many other things i am falling for at the shop,
but i was good.
i was able to control myself....

dear designer,
please stop throwing in elements like soft shades, ribbon bows, lace, ruffles....
better yet, why don't you stop the ladies' line and start a men's line?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


while my head has tripled in size,
the poopoos' heads have shrunken in size by at least half,
after their long over-dued grooming / beauty session....
and their heads are now round like helmuts....

look at the teeth,

ribbon bows

ribbon bow is one of my weak points.
i love anything that comes with ribbon bows.
tried to make a ribbon bow necklace this round.
~ hand stamped with black sequins which were sewed one by one.... took longer than i thought.

i feel & look like a......

.... with my new hair style....
in terms of volume, my head has tripled in size....
i need to wash, wash, wash my hair to tame it....
... i should have also drew a LION

Saturday, March 21, 2009

*chirp chirp*

dropped off new items & unproductive thoughts

finally managed to drop off some new items at the shop this afternoon.
and i had quite a good chat with billie this afternoon...
frankly, i was thinking a little bit too much while making these items this round.
i was thinking whether people will like this or that better, whether the necklace looks too cute (childish??), whether the material goes well with this and that, whether people will be bored seeing similiar items again, etc..... these thoughts made me quite unproductive this round.....
but thanks to billie. she set me back on my track again...
i should try to stop thinking too much.... and just focus on making things that i like and most importantly, enjoy the process!
in the end, if no one likes them, i will just wear them all myself! hhehehe...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

some personal space

another attempt to make a different kind of bracelet
~ braided floral & plain cotton fabrics with plain linen
~ a hand sprayed plate covered with lace
sometimes, we do need some personal space and time...
just like this little gal,
she is enjoying some quiet moments in this comfy home.....
how content she looks!
these past few days i have been trying to maximize my *personal space and time*,
as i am trying to make as many items (brooches, necklaces, bangles, bracelets) as possible; while trying to take pictures of them.
it takes me quite a lot of time to think of what to make as i am trying not to make the exact same thing twice; and just as much time taking pictures of them. thinking of how to display them, what zakka to go with them, which camera takes better pictures, etc. very tiring but i am enjoying every moment of the process.
i am hoping that i can take my handmade items over to the shop this weekend.
and btw... another shop will be carrying my silly things (if they haven't changed their mind yet, hehehe).... more about this when all set.
very nervous.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

building a love nest

tried something new and different:: bangles
~ crocheted with floral cotton fabrics, plain linen
~ some plain
~ some with a bit of shiny beads, faux pearls, charms and rhinestones
as soon as i was done with them, two little birdies hopped up and down the bangles....
busy busy busy....
they found these bangles as their new found home....
and were busy settling in!
what is better than a home full of floral, faux pearls and rhinestones!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the swan

love ♡ love ♡ love ♡

hungry for her voice

hungry for her songs

LOVE this one LOVE the name of the song: 我愛你

direct, no fuss.

it seems that nowadays, the names of songs have gotten very complicated and sometimes even meaningless.

heard that this song is only available in 張亞東's 專輯《潛流》and that this album is all sold out already???!!!

anyway will try hunting.... let me know if you know where to find it!

and btw, this song reminds me of zero 7

like ♡ like ♡ like ♡

i like his hair
i like his glasses
i like his voice

someone is having fun by herself

this is taken awhile ago... still has all the christmas decorations in the house.

here, sugar is going crazy over the toy, stretching and doing her own yoga poses.

sorry for the shaking and poor angle as i was trying to hide while shooting this.

but i think she saw me and the camera nevertheless....

Monday, March 16, 2009

the midnight owl is back

the lighting in my room is quite poor,
i should get an extra table light
or else my eyes will become smaller and smaller
as i sew these sequin....

introducing di di

last week, went to visit joanna and her babies.
he is adorable!

i think i am quite bad with kids... i don't know how to *communicate* with them. i mean some people are really good with kids, they know how to do the *baby talk* and kids love them.

it's been quite awhile since i last saw sansan and it took her awhile to call me "kai ma"....
wu wu wu.... i really need to pick up a few *baby talk* tricks so that sansan will find me *fun* to hang out with! and i am thinking what it would be like when she grows up and perhaps we can go have coffee and shopping together??!

a *weak* boy

yesterday we needed to take brownie to the vet again.
he was throwing up and has rashes around his tummy and eyes....

at the vet, brownie was shaky as usual and was trying to hide away from dr. ian by leaning against me....

so brownie has tonsillitis and the rashes were allergies. as dr. ian flipped through brownie's file (which is quite a thick file for his age), dr. ian said brownie is unusually weak for his age.... recommendation is to take some daily supplements to boost his immune system... after much discussion, we agreed to start with probiotic (益生菌) and will try for two months first....

maybe we can also try yakult?? i am sure brownie will love it more than the pills!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

treasure box

so pretty

i find all the pictures here breathtaking....
so much for me to learn and admire!

and this one reminds me so much of my college days:
snow, snow, snow and nothing else....

i do miss my college days.

it's funny how when i was still at school, i wanted so much to graduate and start working....
v.s. now
i want so much to go back to school....

isn't life full of contradictions?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the piggy lid

i love it....

the new boom box

finally had to get rid of my old boom box.
apart from the radio reception, none of the other functions were working.
it ate my cassette tape and refused to spin around my CDs.
i was trying to live with it for quite some time.
partly because i didn't have time to shop for a new one,
partly because it's difficult to find one that is reasonable in price, good-looking and small enough.
i guess boom box is not that popular anymore....

couple weeks ago, we saw this one.
i did have some reservations about it, but with the persuasion from somotu and the urge to get one so that i can listen to CDs while working on my crafty projects in my zakka room,
i gave in.

i had reservations about it because it looks too *modern*.
i wanted one that looks *old and used*...
but anyway, i threw something lace~y on it!
looks better, i think.....
and so it is also my valentine's day present.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dear Secret Blog Police

of course i do not dare to dare you!
of course i am not building my own zoo!
of course only you can have the comprehensive zoo!

in fact,
i am your humble and loyal servant,
trying to call for new members,

trying to lure new friends
so that you can expand your zoo,
so that it is not just a SAFARI zoo.
so that yours can become an universal zoo!

very soon, you will find lulu the rabbit, mermer the sheep, gizgiz, mizmiz, lala, etc knocking on your door.....

i came across this while flipping through my stack of scrapbook papers....
i swear it is totally incidental!
i was going to write about something else today,
but it is so incidental that i just gotta take some pictures and write something about this:

the first page that caught my eye was *S*

... queen of the jungle (or the zoo)

and *da~dun*!!!!
there is even a word for you: *sabeism*!!!

and lastly, a bonus for you....
words starting with *Z*,
so that you can win more points when playing scrabble....
cuz, *Z* worths 10 points!
hahahah, and some tips here....