Thursday, February 19, 2009

SSBP - watch out!

how do you pronounce *SSBP*?
it's *siiiiiiiibeeeppppp*.

what does it stand for?

S = Sabe
S = Secret
B = Blog
P = Police

beware! the secret blog police secretly monitors blogging activities.
i think SSBP will put me in jail if i fail to post daily.....
maybe she will make me wear the same outfit as hers again!
very scary....
i better keep blogging everyday!

watch out for her.... the one circled in yellow!


Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

haha!so funny!yes madam!

sabe said...

HO LAU ARRRRH!!!!!!!!!!

sabe said...

i think you chee ma gun!!!!!!! i will monitor you closely!!!!!!! COPY CAT!!!!!

betbet said...

Oh, this is Sabe and Motu? so cute!!!!!

aileen :: motu said...

betbet ~ yes...hahahahah

ashlee 魚 said...

ha ha.. i see very sweet friends conversation :P