Monday, February 9, 2009

not enough thank you~s

though i did bring my digi-cam and polaroid,
i was too clumpsy with carrying all the stuff, etc
and hence didn't take any pictures myself yesterday.

thanks to the following friends, a few shots here and there capturing moments from yesterday:
* beautiful candlelight
* super helpful and thoughtful ah-king
* sweet ashley
* my new friend libbylasoup
* cheerful happy ending
* the wonderful host la belle epoque

a few taken at home before the event:


Tina said...

Hi, I like your pictures very much, their color are so nice! Can you tell me what camera you are using or what software yo used for your picture? I like them very very much! and I'm thinking to buy one, thanks a lot! BTW, I always visit here, one of my favourite!

aileen :: motu said...

hi tina ~ thanks for stopping by my little space! ^_^
for these three pictures, i used canon 5D mark II and i have adjusted their colors to a more brownish tone with photoscape.

Ciyou said...

congratulations on your sucess on your event~~ how I wish I was there~~ Heard that you sold alot from the other blogs~~

aileen :: motu said...

thanks ciyou!