Sunday, February 22, 2009

new and not-so-new toys by the wall

* a vintage popped-up pictured frame
* hand painted glass jar
~~ from bibelot
* a set of vintage monograms
~~~ from sumireno
* wooden spools
* rolls of vintage silky threads
* stamps
~~~ from la belle epoque
* a pack of sewing needles
~~~ from a craft supply store
sometimes i wonder,
when these now regarded as *vintage* items were in the possession of their original owners,
whether their owners could guess one day these items would be treasured and valued to such extent.....
and i sometimes wonder whether the zakka items i am collecting now will one day also become *vintage* in the eyes of others...


Tina said...

Very pretty hand-painted Glass Jar! Is it one and only in shop? ^_^ Lucky u!

Ciyou said...

it really looks so vintage. So envy that you can get so many nice stuff at HK

aileen :: motu said...

hi tina ~ i think it is the only one... but they constantly replenish their stock... and i think they are also happy to look out for you if you let them know what type of items you are looking for... ^_^

hi ciyou ~ i think you can nice things at your end too! love those lace you got... maybe we should do a swap someday!

Immaculate said...

wow, your collection are all super pretty ar, from glass jar to lace and thread, even the memo stickers next to the book stand, I love it too, esp. your photo shooting skill, too professional, too romantic, I love your pictures very much!

aileen :: motu said...

hi immaculate ~ thx so much for your compliments... ^_^