Tuesday, February 17, 2009


troubled by a number of on-going things,
which i don't really have any immediate solutions to.

i wish i could hide inside the box,
close the lid,
be buried by beautiful things,
and just forget about everything else.

though really,
i wish i have the solutions,
so that i don't have to hideaway,
so that i don't have to be brought down.

or maybe i should just spoil myself,
let myself indulge in things that make me smile.
~~ dangerous, dangerous
it could mean senseless shopping...........
i think i should just lock myself up..........


Sally said...

Cheer up~! Hope you finally find out the solution ^_^

joanna said...

i sincerely hope everything will turn out to be better real soon...and you will become your happy self once again!

*pat pat on shoulder*