Sunday, February 8, 2009

burnt, exhausted and a billion THANKS!

today is exceptionally warm and sunny...
a very nice day for the event....
though i got burnt (by mr. sunshine) and am now extremely exhausted,
i want to say thanks to many of you.

i owe the following people a billion THANKS:
* somotu for getting me the blue stool... otherwise i would have to stand throughout the entire event!
* bill and kae for being the first to come
* sabe for staying almost the entire day and not to mention helping me to replenish stock mid-way.... ah! and for bringing me coffee.... luckily i didn't spill any over my booth today... you know how clumpsy i am!
* joanna for coming, bringing me water and staying with me despite the heat. you got me really worried just now!!
* ah-king for helping me hold things and remembering whose's whose
* mom & dad for coming..... and yee-yee and auntie cat as well... sorry that i wasn't able to attend to you as often
* baybay for stopping by
* libbylasoup, hanami & sasalle for being my neighbor and keeping me company
* libbylasoup for lending me the wooden clips to make my birdie stand still!
* and of course, billie for inviting me to join the event!

also, i was very very happy to meet michelle and ashley in person!!! *nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by*!!

and all of you who are kind enough to like my silly things and bring them home with you.

and last but not the least, thanks to YOU for the yummy chocolates!! they are super yummy and i love love love your little note card. sorry that i forgot to ask for your name.... hope to see you again soon.


szeyanyee said...

i saw u today i brought yr beautiful...^^

u dont rely me the 印 in my email...i want to know how to order the 印 in japan website

my email:

thanks u so much!!!!

~米雪~ said...

I am so happy to meet you in person too! The necklace is so pretty and super thanks for your little gift! :)

Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

i'm standing near by you only!

ashlee 魚 said...

hey ! happy to see you today !
u r very pretty lae ! & tks for the gift ar !!! love it !

joanna said...

sorry siu momo could not be there!! and i should have stayed longer!! ^^

bon bon said...

Hello, I bought your brooch as a gift,its really nice, waiting your new design...

sabe said...

congrats it was a success!!!! i'm so happy for you as you've successfully recruited more fans to your products!!! i look forward to more events for the aileen*zakka!!!!!! this is your first step to quit your job!

aileen :: motu said...

to szeyanyee ~ i have replied to your email la. pls check check.

to michelle ~ i hope i can meet siu B some day!!! thanks again for coming!!

to ah king ~ no la... you did more than just standing next to me!

to ashlee ~ i need to thank you for the ribena as well!!!! it has saved me from thirst and heat!!! thanks thanks thanks!!!

to joanna ~ you have stayed longer than you should already!!! you got me really worried last night! i almost wanted to call your sister!

to bonbon ~ thanks for liking me silly things. too bad i didn't get to know you yesterday... hope we will meet some day.

to sabe ~ hahahaha... if i ever have my own shop one day, you will be my chief financial controller and marketing manager!!!

xoxo to all of you!

sabe said...

thanks!!!! at least i have a job!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!