Sunday, February 15, 2009

the babies

i just realized that i haven't posted pictures of the babies for awhile.
so this morning, i used the same old treat to lure them to my camera:: snacks!
so here's sugar the poopoo,
"say cheese!"
"blow some kisses!"
sugar looked a bit relunctant....

"wink your eye!"
"hand hand"

....... soon after,
sugar the poopoo, turned her ahead away from the camera and said...
"mama, the bone bone snack is only good for two pose. more snacks more pose....."
mama: "wah so greedy!"

mama: "well, fine! i will just shoot your limbs. no more pose and no more snack for you."
and mama really likes looking at and hugging sugar's chubby limbs.... so chubby and cuddly....

where is brownie the poopoo?
he refused to take pictures.
brownie: "i'm a big boy now! i'm staying cooolllll.... no pictures and no cute pose."
that's true, in human age, brownie is actually older than mama already.... hahahaha
mama: "fine, little old man!"


Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

hello sugar & brownie, how are you?

Sally said...

your doggie is really cute!!

i like doggies ga... however,my mum dunn want to keep any pets -_-......