Wednesday, February 18, 2009

101 ways to become happier

*1* think about sugar

*2* think about brownie

*3* take out rolls of lace,

unroll each piece,
admire them one by one, and then,
roll each piece back again......

*4* draw draw draw

*5* plan to buy a box of colored pencils to color my bambi
*6* scanning these silly images.....

*7* crochet crochet crochet.... make more frames....

*8* reward myself with the most fattening meal for lunch: sausages, luncheon meat and ham on rice. to top it up, ordered a big bowl of black pepper sauce to pour over the rice.
so fat..... yet so yummy....

*9* ate some more during late afternoon.... pieces of peppered beef jerky!

*10* ate again.... cheese crackers this time....

*11* non-stop browsing of online shops.... luckily just browsing, didn't hit the BUY button

*12* received my order of books from amazon!!!!



i will try to come up with the rest tonight.............. goodnight.


billie said...

wahhaha, about the online shop thing.... i keep shopping like crazy online....chi sin ar

may chan said...

can u teach me how to made this frame????

Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

i want to do many thing too!!

Ciyou said...

You take up beautiful lace and look and keep it back, I take my beautiful fabric and look and it and keep it back. But I just δΈθˆεΎ—cut the fabric and sew things~~

joanna said...

101 and more things on my wishlists too!! hahaha!!

btw i had a beautiful dream last night...hehee

betbet said...

are those new poopoos clothes?

fay said...

agree with a lot of points!!!
espically on number 3

"*3* take out rolls of lace,
unroll each piece,
admire them one by one, and then,
roll each piece back again......"

stupid and crazy......
but real!!!!

aileen :: motu said...

billie ~ hahahha indeed chee sin!!! and scary too! it doesn't feel like spending $$$ which is the most dangerous part!

may chan ~ i think this is the first time i hear from you, thx for stopping by here. do you know how to crochet (like making the basic loops)?

ah king ~ i see that you are quite busy with making things!

ciyou ~ ahahaha yes yes... it is really a difficult decision to *cut* our love!!! most of the time, i ended up putting them back to the box!

joanna ~ you must tell me about your dream!

betbet ~ hehehe... no actually they are from last year...

fay ~ hehehehe... i know... i think when other people see us doing this, they must think we are crazy!!