Friday, February 27, 2009

the arrival of didi

today is the day!
today is his birthday!
let's welcome the arrival of didi....
let's welcome didi to our world

may all his coming days be filled with laughter, love and health!
congratulations, joanna!!!!
so proud of you!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

crazy babies

how crazy can sugar and brownie get when they smell snacks?

***Bling*** ***Bling*** eyes...

lick, lick, lick....
yum, yum, yum....
oopps, how come there are drops of *water* on the floor?

extendable neck....... becomes longer, longer and longer...........

flying ears....

still flying......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the last batch from last round

all made for the flea market that sunday.
have started working on new ones,
though the process is slow,
trying to squeeze in time here and there
trying not to repeat the exact same look...
scratching my head...

what do you do when you are in the weirdest mood and home alone?

this is what i would do (what i just did):
* listen to edith piaf
* immediately followed by portis head
* turn up the volume
* getting really messed up in the head with the extremes of edith piaf and portis head, feeling a bit shaky...
* spread out all my crafty books on the entire dining table
* make the poopoos stand up and dance with me
* leave all the dishes in the sink ~ un-washed
* hit every BUY button of the online shops then close the window when on the CHECKOUT page

this is called rebellious,
this is called 作反

and i am a rebel, a 作反的人


oooppps, somotu is back....
quick, everything back to normal.....

tea time

finally got the time to do this little experiment last sunday,
well not really an experiment
because i think many of you might have tried this before.

so what i had in mind was to make a vintage looking diary for myself.
i have thought of just crushing cream colored paper to create the worn-out and used look.
but i recalled reading from a japanese photography magazine that tea bags can be used to create the vintage look.

to prepare for this fun experiment,
i took bags of chinese tea (pu erh) from the office (*bad bad bad but at the same time, i felt good... like a little revenge:: work has taken so much of my time and life.... i am just taking a few tea bags to get even).

last sunday, i finally got some spare time.

i prepared a *tea-bath* and *bathed* a piece of medium weight paper.

waited for 5 minutes.... hmm... not *brown* enough....
another 5 minutes... still not quite ok....
another 5 minutes.... 10 minutes....

........ i lost count in the end....
but the result was not that satisfactory....
it's not *brown* and *wrinkled* enough....
need to keep trying...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


* biscotti

* green-tea flavored madeleines

all packed in lovely lace~y bags....

thanks sally for your home-baked treats...
they are very yummy!
the biscotti went very well with my cup of mocha last sunday.....
thanks so much again.... i felt bad that i didn't make anything for you...

Monday, February 23, 2009

the latest issue

i thought it is issued bi-annually...
and it wasn't that long ago when i got my last copy....

but last saturday, i got a call from the book shop
and was told the latest copy has just arrived...
maybe it is now monthly because of all the great feedbacks?

anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures in the latest issue....
i love the color, the mood, the concept, the fonts (very pretty and girly fonts), minimal ads,
and of course nice pictures,
i wish i could take good pictures one day....

paris at home

i just realized that there are still a stack of polaroids which i haven't scanned yet...
here's one of them....
taken before the flea market that sunday...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

new and not-so-new toys by the wall

* a vintage popped-up pictured frame
* hand painted glass jar
~~ from bibelot
* a set of vintage monograms
~~~ from sumireno
* wooden spools
* rolls of vintage silky threads
* stamps
~~~ from la belle epoque
* a pack of sewing needles
~~~ from a craft supply store
sometimes i wonder,
when these now regarded as *vintage* items were in the possession of their original owners,
whether their owners could guess one day these items would be treasured and valued to such extent.....
and i sometimes wonder whether the zakka items i am collecting now will one day also become *vintage* in the eyes of others...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a *plentiful* weekend ~ I

it's been quite awhile since i feel *plentiful*
~ plentiful in the sense of new books and new music
i got many new books and albums to indulge myself into this weekend....
so busy!

right now, i am listening to *the postmarks*
love it!!!!!
it's a bit like *ivy*, *kings of convenience*.....
thanks so much for lending the stack of CDs to me, sally!!!
and not to mention your baked treats!
i will take pictures of them tomorrow....
so excited!
all the unpleasant things at work are erased from my head!!!

being nosy

.... sitting here
.... blocking the patterns

.... sniffing there
.... trying to catch butterflies?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

itchy hands

i haven't made anything since the flea market that sunday...
cos i am super busy at work
my hands are very itchy
my head is full of ideas
i can't wait till the weekend comes
i wish i can have enough time to make stuff this weekend...
i think i will start by making a few more brooches...
cos i got some new materials and ideas...
just thinking about this makes me smile...
how i wish i don't need to work and just buried my head into crafty projects every day!

SSBP - watch out!

how do you pronounce *SSBP*?
it's *siiiiiiiibeeeppppp*.

what does it stand for?

S = Sabe
S = Secret
B = Blog
P = Police

beware! the secret blog police secretly monitors blogging activities.
i think SSBP will put me in jail if i fail to post daily.....
maybe she will make me wear the same outfit as hers again!
very scary....
i better keep blogging everyday!

watch out for her.... the one circled in yellow!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

101 ways to become happier

*1* think about sugar

*2* think about brownie

*3* take out rolls of lace,

unroll each piece,
admire them one by one, and then,
roll each piece back again......

*4* draw draw draw

*5* plan to buy a box of colored pencils to color my bambi
*6* scanning these silly images.....

*7* crochet crochet crochet.... make more frames....

*8* reward myself with the most fattening meal for lunch: sausages, luncheon meat and ham on rice. to top it up, ordered a big bowl of black pepper sauce to pour over the rice.
so fat..... yet so yummy....

*9* ate some more during late afternoon.... pieces of peppered beef jerky!

*10* ate again.... cheese crackers this time....

*11* non-stop browsing of online shops.... luckily just browsing, didn't hit the BUY button

*12* received my order of books from amazon!!!!



i will try to come up with the rest tonight.............. goodnight.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


troubled by a number of on-going things,
which i don't really have any immediate solutions to.

i wish i could hide inside the box,
close the lid,
be buried by beautiful things,
and just forget about everything else.

though really,
i wish i have the solutions,
so that i don't have to hideaway,
so that i don't have to be brought down.

or maybe i should just spoil myself,
let myself indulge in things that make me smile.
~~ dangerous, dangerous
it could mean senseless shopping...........
i think i should just lock myself up..........

Sunday, February 15, 2009

mini hydrangea

after a week's time,
it has completely dried up.

one of the stems came off during the drying process.
a mini one.... which fits perfectly into my little vase.

next round, i wanna try cream and pink color....
these colors will go well with my room.

the babies

i just realized that i haven't posted pictures of the babies for awhile.
so this morning, i used the same old treat to lure them to my camera:: snacks!
so here's sugar the poopoo,
"say cheese!"
"blow some kisses!"
sugar looked a bit relunctant....

"wink your eye!"
"hand hand"

....... soon after,
sugar the poopoo, turned her ahead away from the camera and said...
"mama, the bone bone snack is only good for two pose. more snacks more pose....."
mama: "wah so greedy!"

mama: "well, fine! i will just shoot your limbs. no more pose and no more snack for you."
and mama really likes looking at and hugging sugar's chubby limbs.... so chubby and cuddly....

where is brownie the poopoo?
he refused to take pictures.
brownie: "i'm a big boy now! i'm staying cooolllll.... no pictures and no cute pose."
that's true, in human age, brownie is actually older than mama already.... hahahaha
mama: "fine, little old man!"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

how many ♡

..... do you see here?

..... here?

..... and here?


happy valentine's day to you all!
hope every day is like valentine's day for us all!


happy birthday, joanna!
are you cupid?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 ♡ 14

2 14
it does not just mean valentine's day.

it is also
a dear friend's birthday
the first date
the proposal day
and, i am ready for the day to come!

he is not romantic

yes, he is not romantic at all.
in fact, he has never been romantic.

but it's ok.
we are who we are.
i think if i think *romantic*,
it will be *romantic*.
and my orange moon will shower over us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


happy because i came across this song
happy because i found someone who shares interest in the same kind of music
hey ~ thanks for your great recommendation!!!!

my favorite one

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

bedtime stories

i am having trouble falling into sleep tonight...
i will either have to start counting sheeps (1, 2, 3, 4.... 100001, 100002, 100003...)
someone will have to read me stories to put me to sleep.............

i wish i could be happier....

Monday, February 9, 2009

lulu, the mischievous bunny

"18, 19, 20... eeee... no, no, no"

"18, 19, 20, 21... hmmm"

"18, 19, 20, 21, 22.... ???"
i kept counting and counting,

re-counting and re-counting...

i still ended up with different total number of brooches and necklaces each time...

just when i was puzzling over how many brooches and necklaces i have made,

i caught a glimpse of someone furry...

...... ah-ha!!!!!!

it was lulu the bunny!

as soon as she heard that i wasn't going to bring her to the flea market, she started her mischievous act by attempting to hide things!!!!

..... trying to sneak away with the tiny la tour eiffel...

..... trying to drag away one of the necklaces....

..... then trying to take away the fairy brooch...
what a naughty girl!