Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wow, i like her

zhang xuan

i just knew about her

m still trying to find out more about her

for now, i only know that she is an indie singer from Taiwan

wow wow wow


no title

......... and i really wanna go to 陳綺真 's concert in hk...........


Clau! said...

Love the photography from the video :)

la belle epoque said...

i got all her album and always play her album at shop, actually i found that your song list are almost exactly the same with mine, wahahhaa~~

aileen :: motu said...

to clau ~~ yes indeed! very vintage-looking.

to billie ~~ really??? i must check them out next time i come to your shop!!! can i buy them in HK?

La Belle Epoque said...

u don't hv her album? i can buy for u, i know a shop got 張懸's album~ u want both alubms?

aileen :: motu said...

ooooo!!!! yes if you don't mind and ONLY if you have time (else just let me know where the shop is and i will myself)!! and pls let me know how much i owe you. thanks!!!!!

btw, i did notice that for the times i have been to your shop, i recognized the songs you were playing. ^_^