Sunday, January 18, 2009

my first vintage train case

got it from here last weekend...
as soon as i laid my eyes on it,
i knew i have to bring it home.

it's a bit different from the others i have seen so far.
cos both sides are covered with fabrics,
with a pattern of hearts (they look like hearts to me).

i have seen some in the 2nd second hand shop in tin hau,
but their quality wasn't quite as good as this one...

now, i am ready to take a train ride!
where should we go?
i don't know,
but a ride along the coast,
watching the blue sky and sea would be nice.
it would be even nicer if we can catch sunset....
then followed by shining stars and the smiling moon in the dark navy sky.
greedy me, but i would love to have a cup of hot mocha (skimmed milk please)....
oh, can i also have some warm chocolate chip biscuits (i will have room for them as i am having skimmed milk in my mocha... hehehe)

some others i just saw,

this one also looks quite nice
i would be happy to have this
it looks interesting


Ciyou said...

wo~~ the train case looks so cool~~

U know, I notice alot ppl buy this suit case and they use them to display their crafts and sell. Another way to use the train case

aileen :: motu said...

oh yes that's right!!! i remember seeing ppl using them to hold and display their handmade goodies!

Immaculate said...

oh, thank you very much to use "train case" to describe it, as I had bought a similar train case from Samsonite recently, it's black label "FASHIONAIRE" series, I still using the term of "luggage" for that, but think that the term is not so match especially it's not rollable.

my train case is very nice too, not as vintage as yours, but having the same orange colour for the inner coverage, wanna have a look, ask me la, I can send you my pictures.