Saturday, January 31, 2009

is it for real????? wow!

i am a bit slow here

but i just read from here

that it seems like

polaroid is SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if it is for real,

i can start *wasting* away the stock i have at home.

i said *wasting* away because that's how somotu feels whenever i pick up my polaroid and start shooting away, like there is no tomorrow...... you know, it is really difficult to put it down once you have it in your hands. IT'S SO MAGICAL!

one morning, i *wasted* away four packs of films. i just couldn't stop! and of course, somotu wasn't home that morning.... else......

let's stay tuned and see how this polaroid saviour project goes!!!!


1 comment:

~米雪~ said...

hope that it's real!!!!
i dun hv many stock of the films... >-<..