Thursday, January 1, 2009

behind the scene

it's not as easy as it seems trying to take pictures of the poopoos:

~ eyes closed...

~ "brownie!  look here please!"

~ "sugar, don't try to run away!!!  mama is taking pictures!"

~ "sugar!!!!  please don't chew on brownie's xmas hat!!!  it's falling down!"

~ the poopoos got tired after many unsuccessful shots....

~ "mama, when are you gonna hand us the snack in your hand???"
~ mama: "please put back your tongue!  i am still shooting!"

~ "brownie!  your hat is covering sugar's face!  please move a bit to your left!"

~ sugar: "aiya!  you are hitting my face!"
~ brownie: "but mama asked me to move my head for you ma...."

conclusion:  success rate is 33%....  three successful pictures out of the many taken.
thanks to digital cameras.... else, many many wasted films!


Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

完全同意:> 因為我都幫他/她們影相都是這樣,還有好多鬼影呀!

joanna said...

they are so cute behind scene too!! happy new year to you, kai ma!!

aileen :: motu said...

happy new year joanna and sansan!!!

yes ah king ~ they keep moving around! hahaha