Wednesday, January 14, 2009

回家了, back home

i am borrowing the title *回家了* from ah king....
it speaks all.

it has been a long week for us.
sugar the poopoo was checked in to the vet clinic on monday morning,
and only returned home last night.

it was less than 48 hours but surely made me worry sick.

sugar the poopoo ate those *do-no-eat* oxygen absorber that came with the pack of doggie snack. she finished almost the entire pack which was 4cm by 4cm.

when the vet showed me the x-ray they took of her, i could see all the chemicals inside her.... worried sick. not to mention the vet said they might need to operate on her in order to take those chemicals out if her body did not flush them out by itself....

thank god that everything went alright and there's no need for the operation.

when we brought her back home, she was weak and tired. though brownie the big brother was jumping up and down, licking her non-stop.

home wasn't the same without all four of us.
and i did feel like a real parent caring for a kid who has fallen ill....

回家了 *back home*

and our home is now complete again.

p.s. and i hope all the other *babies* at the clinic can go home to their *parents* very very soon! especially the other poodle staying next to sugar. his name is soda. he is about 1.5 yrs old. like sugar, he ate something that he is not supposed to eat. hope he is now home!!


Queen of kingdom ~ King said...

Sugar is better now? I hope she'll get well soon. poor little girl!:<

La Belle Epoque said...

i can tell how worry u are, last month i found blood in my cat's urine, it drove me crazy, after 3 check up, he finally recovers, but already make me worry like hell!!!
it's lovely to hear that sugar is home with a healthy body~

sabe said...

congrats to sugar. don't be so "wai sik" anymore!!!!!

aileen :: motu said...

billie ~ exactly!!! especially when you are seeing things like blood.... i am glad that he is fine now!!! but caused it?