Saturday, January 31, 2009

is it for real????? wow!

i am a bit slow here

but i just read from here

that it seems like

polaroid is SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if it is for real,

i can start *wasting* away the stock i have at home.

i said *wasting* away because that's how somotu feels whenever i pick up my polaroid and start shooting away, like there is no tomorrow...... you know, it is really difficult to put it down once you have it in your hands. IT'S SO MAGICAL!

one morning, i *wasted* away four packs of films. i just couldn't stop! and of course, somotu wasn't home that morning.... else......

let's stay tuned and see how this polaroid saviour project goes!!!!


the end of the waiting

Friday, January 30, 2009

another me

i was thinking today


i could really use *another me*.


i am running out of time.

IT is just one week away,

but there are many many things which i need to prepare for.

office work doesn't seem to slow down at all even festive days like now.

the *another me* could help out.

the *another me* could go to work (and deal with the boring stuff)

while *ME* could stay home and

crochet crochet crochet,

sew, sew, sew

....... non-stop.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"my fair lady,

it's such a lovely day today.

it would be my pleasure to accompany you to take a walk in the garden."

"yes, that would be lovely.
but please allow me to bring along my uv protected umbrella,
as i have forgotten to put on sunblock this morning."

fanciful things

i fancy.....

.... the pastel colors,

.... the desserts and pastries,

.... paris &

sofia coppola

(but not the brand....)


and i fancy the fairies and her music

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone health & happiness in the year of the ox

Sunday, January 25, 2009

lesson one

playing around with this pattern design book last night....
adding each pattern layer by layer and changing the color of each layer....

ending up having over 30 layers for this not-too-fancy-flowery-scene
very tiring for the eyes! hahaha....

one T only

should be crocheTed

not crocheTTed



Thursday, January 22, 2009

* 十位手作人, 十種不同的愛 *

the title is borrowed from la belle epoque...

i am thrilled that i get to join the mini flea market for handmade goodies this round!!!



i need to get ready and start working!!!!

looking forward to that day,


looking forward to meeting the other crafters, sharing our love for handmade goodies and making new friends!!!

a new member

.... of my pink-kitchen-club

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i am seeing things

i think i am having post-christmas-syndrome

i am still seeing *christmas*


probably because i still have the christmas decorations out at home

though i really love christmas,

i think it's about time to put them away.......

before getting complaint letters from somotu.........

sweet stuff

watching them taking naps, resting

sticking so close to each other

so cuddly


so sweet

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

many thanks to you for taking them in......

many thanks to those kind ppl who have taken them home.....

it's only until recently that i realized the *photo of me* on the upper right of this page::
the lace pattern,
resembles these crochetted babies.

wow, i like her

zhang xuan

i just knew about her

m still trying to find out more about her

for now, i only know that she is an indie singer from Taiwan

wow wow wow


no title

......... and i really wanna go to 陳綺真 's concert in hk...........

Monday, January 19, 2009

mirrors & frames

got it!!

silly me
silly me
silly me

when something is so close, yet you can't see....

it was only a page away....
how could i have not noticed it!

just a phone call and i got my very first copy of lula today!

there are many many pages to it...
think i will need quite a bit of time to *taste* it in detail

here are some of the pages i really like......
especially the drawing of the girl and the swan
~ drawing by one of the dreamiest blogger i have come across so far.....

my dinner tonight

homemade turnip cakes....
yum yum yum!!!!
thanks so much joanna!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


please let me know if you know,
* where to buy back-dated issues
* where to buy upcoming issues

thanks a million....

my first vintage train case

got it from here last weekend...
as soon as i laid my eyes on it,
i knew i have to bring it home.

it's a bit different from the others i have seen so far.
cos both sides are covered with fabrics,
with a pattern of hearts (they look like hearts to me).

i have seen some in the 2nd second hand shop in tin hau,
but their quality wasn't quite as good as this one...

now, i am ready to take a train ride!
where should we go?
i don't know,
but a ride along the coast,
watching the blue sky and sea would be nice.
it would be even nicer if we can catch sunset....
then followed by shining stars and the smiling moon in the dark navy sky.
greedy me, but i would love to have a cup of hot mocha (skimmed milk please)....
oh, can i also have some warm chocolate chip biscuits (i will have room for them as i am having skimmed milk in my mocha... hehehe)

some others i just saw,

this one also looks quite nice
i would be happy to have this
it looks interesting

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a lazy winter afternoon

it's gotten much warmer today...
for the most of today i was staying at home,
watching over the poopoos.
somotu & i were taking turns to stay with them.
i got the earlier shift....

while i was watching over them,
i did a little bit of crocheting...
a little flower here....

then tried a square one... which was not very successful.
i didn't even bother to iron it.

at the other end of the room,
the poopoos found the best spot....
upper and lower deck of the sofa where the warm winter sun fell on,
making it warm and cozy for them
to recuperate and rest.....

dr chow said both of them have gotten virus...
probably due to the sudden drop in temperature...
quite a lot of medication to take,
and need to go on a special diet for a couple of days...

brownie the poopoo... very tired... on the lower deck.
he just needs another test to confirm his condition.

sugar the poopoo... on the upper deck,
though she is having a fever, she is already better than the previous days.

.... then somotu & i switched shifts in late afternoon.
i went out to meet up the girls for an afternoon tea.

.... then we switched shifts again at night.
somotu went out to watch movie with his friend....

.... just finished feeding the poopoos....
it's good that tomorrow is sunday... can have another day at home before going back to work.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i can see

* raindrops
* snow-drops
* clouds
* winter sky
* coldness
* silence

* rainbow
~~ good things will come..... soon ~~

think positive!

not only sugar,
seems like brownie the poopoo is also not doing so well....
.... and sugar still hasn't fully recovered....
we will be going to the vet again tomorrow

i tell myself:
"think positive!
everything is going to be fine."

yes, everything will be just fine.

think positive
think about happy things
think about pretty things
think good

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

jewelry for the poopoos

crochetted a couple of collars for the poopoos awhile ago.
here is one of them, my first crochetted collar or i should say:
a piece of handcrafted jewelry... hehehe....

* hmm, i think the color is too girly for brownie...

* looks better on sugar?

回家了, back home

i am borrowing the title *回家了* from ah king....
it speaks all.

it has been a long week for us.
sugar the poopoo was checked in to the vet clinic on monday morning,
and only returned home last night.

it was less than 48 hours but surely made me worry sick.

sugar the poopoo ate those *do-no-eat* oxygen absorber that came with the pack of doggie snack. she finished almost the entire pack which was 4cm by 4cm.

when the vet showed me the x-ray they took of her, i could see all the chemicals inside her.... worried sick. not to mention the vet said they might need to operate on her in order to take those chemicals out if her body did not flush them out by itself....

thank god that everything went alright and there's no need for the operation.

when we brought her back home, she was weak and tired. though brownie the big brother was jumping up and down, licking her non-stop.

home wasn't the same without all four of us.
and i did feel like a real parent caring for a kid who has fallen ill....

回家了 *back home*

and our home is now complete again.

p.s. and i hope all the other *babies* at the clinic can go home to their *parents* very very soon! especially the other poodle staying next to sugar. his name is soda. he is about 1.5 yrs old. like sugar, he ate something that he is not supposed to eat. hope he is now home!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

all wrapped up

it's been cold these few days,
and the poopoos are all wrapped up... double layered...
like a chinese rice dumpling **
and they have some trouble jumping up and down....
they look kind of funny and silly... hehehe

testing testing

somotu finally got it....
so tonight, very busy trying it out.
what could be more suitable as models than my new toys:

* a pair of fawns

* yet another fawn

* a little lamb

and a little hat crochetted with linen thread from linnet