Sunday, December 14, 2008

xmas shopping

the poopoos:  "mama, only 11 days before xmas!"

mama: "yeah.... mama knows."

the poopoos: "ar. you went xmas shoppingggg!  we saw you coming home with many many many bags... like four bags!!!"

mama:  "good, so you both can count."

the poopoos: "no mama, that's not what we are trying to say..."

mama: "i don't get you...."

brownie: "suuugarr told me her pinkkkk dress is getting a bit tight.  and she needs to attend a xmas ball next week."

sugar: "oh mama, and brownie gor gor said his dessert plush toy has no more cream, chocoooolatee and strawberrrrrries on it...."

mama: "oh no problem...  easy job.  i will make a dress for sister and repair the toy for gor gor."

the poopoos mumbling to each other, "see me told you to just be straight forward!",  "no but you said we should talk smart!" , "you just ruin the whole thing!  me don't want the old toy...  me want the toy from the poopoo shop!", "don't blame me... me also want that princess dress from the poopoo shop... " 

while mama is thinking, "the poopoos seem to have lots to talk to each other today.... good... they will keep each other busy... i can do my own things now..."


sabe said...

i can't stop myself laughing whenever i think of their oily lips!!!!!!

aileen :: motu said...

hahaha.... and i will ask them to give you an OILY kiss next time!