Sunday, December 28, 2008

white christmas treat

i was walking down the sparkling street,
all of a sudden,
snow came falling down from above...
i held out my hand
and one fell on it.
so soft and smooth, i couldn't help but tasted it.
marshmallow, it tasted like!
so nice, 
i held out both hands to catch more...
and so they became somotu's b-day treat!

to make them look even more adorable for somotu, 
i placed them on my best jewel.

**happy birthday somotu!!**


Clau! said...


The bag you put in the previous post is very nice, I like it :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful post. <3

ashlee 魚 said...

lovely marshmallows !

and happy to somotu !

by the way, just wonder what's motu and somotu mean???
i have been thinking this for a while... hehe

aileen :: motu said...

ashlee ~~ it's super super silly... it stands for master of the universe. that's how my friends called me when i was a kid and even now. really silly... lol.

ashlee 魚 said...

haha... interesting.
at first, i thought it's a japanese word.

then somotu means...sugar of master of the universe ?
or...savior of master of the universe ???

joanna said...

happy belated birthday to you, kai yei!!! ^^

aileen :: motu said...

thanks joanna!

ashlee..... it stands for slave of motu! lol !!