Sunday, November 30, 2008

a tote bag for winter - tote bag #1

thinking that i didn't really have a bag to go with my outfits for winter
(just another excuse, ha!  girls can never have too many bags and shoes... and of course clothes.  actually the list can go on and on and on............),
i set off making my own.
i did think of just buying one, but i thought i should be good; plus i really needed to use the fabrics i got, before the drawer *burst out*....

so i ended up with this:
hmm... actually it doesn't look very *winter* at first glance.
but i did use materials that *feel* winter, like:
* velvet ribbon as the straps
* double gauzed cotton / linen (thicker than just linen or cotton)
* lined the inside with linen waffle cloth (again, thicker...)
and the color theme: black!

* i like the details to this velvet ribbon:  tiny tiny loops along the sides of the ribbon.

* first time making things with black lace.  i usually prefer natural color ones but i think i should give *black* a chance...  feels gothic! 

* hand stitched a ribbon bow in black ~ didn't turn out as nice as i would like it to be...
i need to practice cross-stitching some more.

* the linen waffle cloth ~ i love *waffled* cloth.  feels warm and cozy...
* finished off with this silly little stamp....


joanna said...

this is gorgeous, aileen!!

oh i can imagine you look so elegant carrying it with you!!

aileen :: motu said...

hehehe... ^_^

Ciyou said...

looks great. So nice that u can sew yourself. I must be more hardworking then

Anonymous said...