Tuesday, December 9, 2008

thank you!

to my dear friends & family::
thank you for remembering my b-day!
i feel so blessed to have you all by my side.

and especially to::
* joanna ~ for spending your precious afternoon with me.  for your gift.  for the b-day cake.  i haven't had a real b-day cake for quite some years!!!  and i love the picture you took for sansan & me.
* sansan ~ you owe me a kiss but i still love you!
* jenny ~ for getting me a cup of mocha from my favorite coffee place! and yes, all the lovely little twin stars items!
* ah king ~ for making me the little twin stars bucket.  it's lovely.
and of course, somotu.

am very busy at work these few days,  very tired.
no time to update the blog...  
hope things will cool down a bit.... 
so that i can get more rest and more *real work* done (i.e. crafty things, hehe)...


Piggy said...

Happy birthday! :-)

fay said...

hey!~happy b day

looking forward to your "real work"!!

Ciyou said...

happy birthday to u

betbet said...

Motu, Happy Birthday!!!!!! Wish you Happy Happy Happy forever!

aileen :: motu said...

thanks all! ^_^