Sunday, December 14, 2008

sunday hunting

went hunting with joanna today.

our 1st hunting ::  we hunted for the exact location of the place we wanted to visit.  actually not just the two of us.  somotu & mr.candlelight joined our hunting as well.  after the entire meal, we still weren't able to pin down the exact location but narrowed down to one area.

our 2nd hunting :: after arriving at the place, we started hunted around the stalls and the shop.  so many zakka!!!  dizzy!!!!!

what was all the hunting about?
it's this.

have heard about this shop for quite some time.  today, i finally got to visit it!   
it's a very nice little shop with zakka items from my dream!
how i wish i could one day own a shop like this!
and not to mention the talent and creativity!!!

i think it is very difficult to operate a shop that does not sell mainstream items in hong kong.
it seems in hong kong, everyone shares the same taste, same style and same brand.
it's quite difficult to be different here and even more difficult to earn a living being different!
therefore i always have a lot of respect for those who run such type of shops, for their talent, creativity and boldness!

ah!  almost forgot to mention about the result of my hunting:
lace motifs!!
and some x-large covered buttons.


joanna said...

i had a great time too!! wish there were more of these in hk!!

betbet said...

call me ar, I know the place ma... you must like it very much!

Belle Epoque said...

thank you for coming, hope u and joanna enjoyed the lovely afternoon~
do visit us sometimes around weekday afternoon, we can hv tea time together and chatting about all the handcraft stuff, isn't it lovely?

aileen :: motu said...

betbet:: how silly! you are right! i should have called you!!!! could have saved all the trouble and time!!

belle epoque:: that would be absolutely lovely!!! looking forward to visiting your lovely shop again!

Ciyou said...

wao~~ u still find lovely things at hongkong, hope to get those alphabet lace in malaysia... but i still cant find some here