Sunday, December 21, 2008

orange moon 橙月

the setting sun...
and 方大同 khalil fong's latest album.

he said the theme of his latest album is *romance*.
what is romance?
it could be a moment of the day, like sunset...
it could be a thought...
it could be a person...

i think romance is::
* lying on the sofa at home, staring at the sky, the flying clouds, at sunset
* sipping a cup of hot coffee
* sitting in the passenger seat, staring at the leon lights of the busy streets
* wandering the little streets of tokyo alone
* walking barefoot on the beach at sunset
* listening to waves
* sitting at the window seat on a plane, staring at sunset and the orange clouds....  and watching them turn from orange, to red, to purple and to dark blue....
* daydreaming
* looking out from the window overlooking NYC in a cold winter night
* walking on the white snow
* lying on the snow and staring at the dark sky & stars sparkling from far away
AND listening to khalil fong!

1 comment:

joanna said...

totally agree with these!! they are getting so rare nowadays, for me...=(