Wednesday, December 10, 2008

chopsticks need a long vacation

mama: "eee??  brownie, why did you take out the luggage bag?  i don't think you are going anywhere..."
brownie: "hmm... it's not for me.  it's actually for you mama."
mama:  "for me?"

brownie:  "yes!  for you, mama!  me think you have been working too hard. not enough sleep. me think you need a vacation!"
mama:  "oh...  yes mama is very tired but who's going to take care of you and sister sugar if mama goes on a vacation?"
brownie:  "don't worry mama...  me a big boy!  me can take care of sister suuugar!  mama, go take some rest... before your panda eyes fill up your entire pizza face...  it's scary....."
mama:  "what did you just say?   say it again one more time!!!!  what pizza face?  what panda eyes?????  who is scary??????"
brownie:  "suuugar, help!  say something!"

sugar:  "..........  mama, you no panda eyes.... no pizza face....  mama is like chopsticks"
mama:  "what about chopsticks now???"
sugar:  "mama skinny like chopsticks................"
yeah, i wish.  


joanna said...

no panda eyes or pizza face of course!! but you do need more rest...this job is no good...i hate it for you!! =P

ashlee 魚 said...

i enjoy reading your conversations with your boy&girl :P
you should change to write children story book or sth .. kakaka

aileen :: motu said...

joanna - maybe you can hire me as your assistant? hehe...

ashlee - have never thought of that! i am sure i will enjoy it 100000000000 times more than my current job!!!!