Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lace collars

the first thing i must make clear is that:
these pieces of lace are ready made.  i got them from the craft store...
i.e. i did not make these lace myself ~~ i wish i could though!  (maybe i should add it to my to-do-list for 2009)

all i did was to turn them into lace collars.
it's quite easy to make.
all that is needed:
* a matching little button or bead to be fixed to the center of the collar
* a clasp, a necklace extender and a few tiny rings to attach the clasp and extender to the lace


dapan said...

they are so lovely! :)

joanna said...

oh love it! can't wait to see you wear it!! must be beautiful on you!!

Ciyou said...

looks beautiful~~ I saw them at my local crafts stores too, But i thought need to sew in on to the dress, so i didn't buy.

二五 said...