Thursday, December 18, 2008

in a corner of my zakka room

.... sits this radio and mini straw basket. and of course, how can i not throw in pieces of lace mat!

it is actually not just a radio. it is also a CD player as well as (was) a cassette tape player.

i didn't really appreciate it that much when i first got it, which was almost four years ago.
i was desperate to get just *anything* that i could play music in the new home ~ desperate because the audio/sound system was totally *conquered* by somotu, i.e. he was using it 99.99999% of time to watch TV and movies. and i was left with nothing! i couldn't imagine life without music!

at the time, i didn't really want to invest a lot of money in hi-fi systems as i already had a quite decent one at my mother's place (but i had to leave it there cos there wasn't enough room in our new home for it)... so i chose this one, which was the cheapest one in the store but functional ~ radio, CD and cassette tape player all in one and most importantly in a compact size! if i remembered it correctly, it costed HKD 400.

now, the more i look at it, the more i like it. it has that grandma feel ~ little, cute and warm. i think it looks a bit vintage too!

it WAS once a cassette tape player... but not anymore because of that incidence...
but i think this *disability* just makes it more vintage!! how can vintage goodies not come with any defects, right?!

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