Monday, December 15, 2008

another tote made

the idea of making brooches actually came from this tote.
i really like the lace fabrics and i originally thought it is so fancy by itself already that i didn't need to do anything fancy or extra to the tote i made out of the fabrics.
but it turned out to be a bit bare....  and so that's how the idea of brooches kicked in.
of the brooches i have made so far, i think the crocheted one goes with the tote the best.
but somotu thinks otherwise.... he prefers the one with the swallow....
oh well, i will go with my choice first. 
afterall, i am the one using it!


joanna said...

it looks so wonderful and sweet!!!!!!!!!

it's one of the most beautiful totes i've ever seen!! ^_^

Belle Epoque said...

hi aileen, i love your little brooches, r u interested about putting them in shop tiny little shop to sell it? pls contact me through email

aileen :: motu said...

thanks joanna and belle epoque.... your compliments made my day!!!!

belle epoque, i have sent you an email. pls check when you have time ^_^

joanna said...

yes it would be great to sell them in the shop!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alieen,

Besides the beatiful brooch, I like the lace tote bag - the lace looks like duchesse lace. Really like it.