Saturday, November 8, 2008

shabby chic

for the longest time, i thought *shabby chic* was a name of a shop.
i found out just now that it is a term to describe a kind of style:
~ a form of interior design where furniture and decorations have an *aged* and *vintage* look or new pieces made to resemble the look of antiques.

and i found these nice things:
* for the love letters! ha!
* i think i will keep asking *what time is it?* with such a pretty clock.
* perfect as a showcase for vintage zakka.
* hmm.... to keep my bread?  or to put in scented candles?
dresser:: would look nice in the hallway (only if i have a big enough house!)
* i like it's *worn out* look
* if my dressing room can be big enough to fit in this dressing mirror!
* too pretty to just be hooks!
* such a pretty note board, i think i will stop talking to somotu but just leave notes to him on this board...hahaha 

.... my eyes are really tired now...  too much looking and staring at pretty things.
time for bed....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
good night.


kaekae said...

wow wow wow... love the wooden wall clock and the huge dressing mirror!! thanks for sharing the links!!

joanna said...

last time i went to g.o.d., they have some new furniture which are a bit shabby chic style...i like those too!!

thanks for the links!!