Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the rosy necklace

got this there
the shop owner was still working on it that day.
last week, i was told that it was finally ready to be picked up.

lace, roses and birdie... i like it very very much...
it's supposed to be a necklace.  but i think i will just be hanging it up on the wall....
too pretty and delicate for me to be wearing it without getting it dirty.

excuse me for posting four pictures of the same thing,
it looks pretty from all angles...
i just couldn't decide on which one to post so i decided to post them all!


Ciyou said...

it looks like a coin pouch decorated with flower to me. Is it very big? But it is very beautiful~~

joanna said...

this is so special!! the owner can make stuff too!! how nice!!

should we go there some time next week while you have no work?