Monday, November 24, 2008

my new addiction:: spraying

it all started with the mini doilies i was crocheting.
i want to make brooches with them, and pin them onto my bags and totes.
i would need pins
.... and the doily by itself would be too bare.
i went to sham shui po (an area on kowloon side which has lots of local shops selling accessories parts, beads, lace, etc)...  
found the materials that i needed, but the problem was, they were either in silver, gold or bronze color.
i wanted something in white to go with my pastel colored doilies....
hahaha, then i got an idea, i could spray them with white paint!

so the next stop was the model shop.  
after some tips and guidance from the shop owner, i got an air-spray (in matt white) and a surface primer.
the air-spray alone will not sustain on metal surface.  need to apply the surface primer as a *base coating* before applying with the air-spray 
~ just like applying makeup.  need to apply makeup base before putting on foundation!!  (or maybe just a nice coverup by the retailers so that they can sell more products.)

as soon as i got back home with a bag full of goodies and new toys, i started spraying right away...
1st step:  applied the surface primer.  then waited for ard 30 mins.
2nd step:  sprayed with the matt white air-spray and waited for another 30 mins.
3rd step:  repeated the above for both sides of the goodies.

in my first experiment, i have sprayed the following in white:
* two pins (originally, one was in silver and one in gold color)
* a frame (was silver in color)
* la tour eiffel (was also silver in color)

spraying is fun!   but.... the most difficult part is:: deciding what to go with each doily.... 


kaekae said...

wow... motu... you transformed your talent from needle work to another level again!! hole sai lay arr!!

ashlee 魚 said...

agree with kaekae !

i still wonder that.... seems you have endless time to DIY...
how many hours do you sleep?

Ciyou said...

Cool~~ to be white

Really very hard to find them in white

joanna said...

yay!! much more beautiful and special in white indeed!! kai ma ho ging ar!!! ^__^

aileen :: motu said...

i guess i really didn't have enough sleep and therefore i was super tired in the past couple of days... ^_^