Saturday, November 1, 2008

makeover of the other disaster

after this, i got more comfortable with messing around on the face of a polaroid.

*first, i stamped la tour eiffel in black ink on the left;
*then, i started drawing randomly on the entire area;
this time, i used a less watery pen to draw ~ a lot easier than the jelly pen i used last time. no smudging...
*lastly, glued clippings of lace, flowers & birdies onto the picture.
this took the most time cos i couldn't decide which clippings to choose from my scrap book materials box... i was choosing between different colors & shapes of lace, different flower types, cute animals... and was deciding whether i should throw in some *jewels*... but nah, *jewels* don't really go well with la tour eiffel.. so i settled with just lace, flowers and birdies.

i was going through the polaroids i have taken so far.... there are a number of them which i am very tempted to give them a new look..... will see what i will end up doing with them.


Anonymous said...

I would like to take a peep at your scrap book materials box.. Colonel B&S, please go and pick some interesting for me.

Tungtung the Commander

aileen :: motu said...

From B&S to Tungtung the Commander:

woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof woof
meow meow
wow wow

Ciyou said...

looks very vintage and it is very your style

You have talent in doing this, can try to do on ATC.

aileen :: motu said...

thx ciyou... actually what's "ATC"?