Saturday, November 22, 2008

jan 2009

i have always wanted to make my own calendar.
last night, i finally got the time.  
but just enough time to make JAN 09.

* first, i folded the cream colored card into half
* then, inked the doily stamp with a watermark stamp pad and stamped onto the corners of the card
* sprinkled white embossing powder on the doily stamp mark.  shake off excess powder
* with the embossing heat gun, created this raised doily pattern in white

* next, stamped the dates onto the card...  
* looked too bare, so added a piece of lace

* lastly, glued a mini lace doily crocheted with linnet's linen thread
* how can it not have a ribbon?  so, added a mini mini wool ribbon


i was going to make the entire 2009 monthly calendar before 2009 arrives, but then i thought it's ok to take my time.
think i will make one monthly, as i may have new ideas and new materials to play with.
but definitely for FEB 09, i will throw in lots of hearts...


ashlee 魚 said...

lovely !
it really takes time wor !
but worth it !

sabe said... much time did you spend on this?

aileen :: motu said...

thx... spent ard 3 hours i think... quite time consuming indeed...

kaekae said...

motu hole sai lay arr!!

joanna said...

this is gorgeous!! did you mark all the public holidays too!?? good to know when there is no need to go to work...heheee!!

love the embossing too!!

Ciyou said...

gosh~~ looks lovely~~ u got such a beautiful dolly stamp ~~ and u did embossing too~~ just so lovely~~

aileen :: motu said...

joanna ~ hehe... i was too anxious to start stamping away. middle through, i realized that i should make the public holidays in different colors... next month la, for the month of Feb 2009, i will use different colors for the public holidays!

ciyou ~ embossing is fun! i think you also have the heat gun, right?