Monday, November 24, 2008

hello, my name is fleece

lost and found!
this past sunday, i went back to my mom's place to finish up the biannual exercise.
while i was going through the clothes, my mom handed me a bag which was all tied up and asked me what's inside.  
as soon as i opened it, *DUN DUNG*!!!
my stuffed toys (actually just some of them in this particular bag).... and there it was, my good friend FLEECE!

i used to like it very much cos she looks very innocent and is tiny and super soft.  i used to think that it needed a lot of protection...

FLEECE is a beanie baby and according to the tag, she was born in 1996 and needs tender loving care.

i still have the tag on as i was told that you are not supposed to cut off the tag to the beanie baby.

i brought it back home and now it's lying on our cozy bed.  i remember it as a gift from my mother but somotu insisted that he bought it for me....  well, whatever...  as long as i found it now.

*merrr merrrrrr merrrrrrrrr*


Piggy said...

I have collected quite a number of beanie baby all these years and until now I still keep all their tags on as well. :-)

aileen :: motu said...

you must show pictures of them!! ^_^