Monday, November 10, 2008

getting ready for christmas

christmas is really just around the corner!
and i love christmas!
to me, it's *bigger* than chinese new year.

given the current atmosphere worldwide, gloom may find its way to almost every corner,
but i want to maintain the christmas spirit for myself, my home and those around me.  
i think i should allow myself to look at the bright side and try to be happy and positive.  
cos life still goes on no matter what.

and so, i need to start pulling out all the decorations from underneath the bed,
and think about how to decorate the house this year.
i saw that some of the buildings along the harbor have already put up their decorations and lighting!

and most importantly, the christmas gifts.  i have started getting them for friends and family already....


kaekae said...

i love christmas too... but if i can't get thru this nov... there will be no 2008 christmas for me...

joanna said...

oooo...i need to start putting together x'mas presents too!! every year, we swap gifts with colleagues at our x'mas party too!! i was thinking of the handmade soaps...but probably not for all of them, cos there are some 50 of them...~~

i'm also thinking about making x'mas tree ornaments, though i don't have a x'mas tree yet!!

betbet said...

yeah, I'm getting x'mas gift as well....

aileen :: motu said...

kae ~ don't worry, i know you will be fine. i also don't know what's going to happen to me but i don't want to think about it too much cos i don't have any control over this at all.... look at the brighter side of things... maybe god has a "better" plan for each of us.... ^_^

joanna & betbet ~ maybe we will bump into each other while getting the xmas presents!