Sunday, November 30, 2008

friends & music

last week, went to see the performance by sadao watanabe & his group @ the cityhall.
i first came to know him when i was in high-school.   
after all these years, i was thrilled that i could see his live performance.  
**thanks to baybay for getting the tickets for us**

the performance was marvelous!  
wish we could have more jazz and bossa nova music performance in hk.
am looking forward to next year's performance by lisa ono.

that night, i also received this lovely gift from baybay:

i must visit this little shop!


ashlee 魚 said...

i haven't had time to visit this shop coz of it's location... aiya... love their stuff a lot...

betbet said...

actually not sure if you will use this, but since it's birdcage and I told the owner that you like eiffel tower... so he helped put this stamp on the packaging.. heee

aileen :: motu said...

ashlee ~~ yes, i think i will love this shop too but i will really need to find time to go there cos of the location, just like you.

betbet ~ i will surely use it (when my hair grows longer)... i love birdcages! and thanks for being so thoughtful for asking the owner to put the stamps on! i love them! i am keeping the paper bag in my zakka folder!

Ciyou said...

such a lovely packaging they give.

billie @ la belle epoque said...


that's the hairband i made!!!!!
it's lovely to know it's the gift for you^^