Sunday, November 30, 2008

a tote bag for winter - tote bag #1

thinking that i didn't really have a bag to go with my outfits for winter
(just another excuse, ha!  girls can never have too many bags and shoes... and of course clothes.  actually the list can go on and on and on............),
i set off making my own.
i did think of just buying one, but i thought i should be good; plus i really needed to use the fabrics i got, before the drawer *burst out*....

so i ended up with this:
hmm... actually it doesn't look very *winter* at first glance.
but i did use materials that *feel* winter, like:
* velvet ribbon as the straps
* double gauzed cotton / linen (thicker than just linen or cotton)
* lined the inside with linen waffle cloth (again, thicker...)
and the color theme: black!

* i like the details to this velvet ribbon:  tiny tiny loops along the sides of the ribbon.

* first time making things with black lace.  i usually prefer natural color ones but i think i should give *black* a chance...  feels gothic! 

* hand stitched a ribbon bow in black ~ didn't turn out as nice as i would like it to be...
i need to practice cross-stitching some more.

* the linen waffle cloth ~ i love *waffled* cloth.  feels warm and cozy...
* finished off with this silly little stamp....

friends & music

last week, went to see the performance by sadao watanabe & his group @ the cityhall.
i first came to know him when i was in high-school.   
after all these years, i was thrilled that i could see his live performance.  
**thanks to baybay for getting the tickets for us**

the performance was marvelous!  
wish we could have more jazz and bossa nova music performance in hk.
am looking forward to next year's performance by lisa ono.

that night, i also received this lovely gift from baybay:

i must visit this little shop!

doily brooches

became these brooches.
am planning to pin them to totes and bags...

the spraying is fun but needs a lot of waiting (for the paint to dry)...
didn't get any chance to turn more stuff into white this weekend.
hope can have some time next weekend so that i can make more brooches.

Friday, November 28, 2008

being grateful

today is Thanksgiving Day.

it's a time to reflect upon ourselves and our lives,
and to be thankful for what we have and what is given to us.

the first thing that came to my mind is....

because of something *unexpected*,
me & my colleague have to cancel all our original vacation plans for the rest of the year.
for myself, i still have 27 days of vacation left this year...

although we can carry forward vacations (up to a limit), what we are really looking forward to is a break.
we have been so worn out by work that we desperately needed some time off to regain consciousness.

after much commotion, each of us managed to slip in a couple of days here and there before the year end.
but that would mean our team will become a *one-man* team during those days when one of us is off.
as i have more vacation days left than my colleague, i would need to take more days off than my colleague.... which means she will be on her own for more days than i will be....  more work for her.
and i am grateful for her being understanding....

and i am also thankful for having:
~ a happy home.  our home is small and humble but the three little creatures living inside are making it warm and cheerful for me. and for putting up with my temper on my moody days.
~ caring friends.  i don't have many many friends but at least the ones i have are close and dear to my heart.  i know they will be there for me when i need to turn to them.
~ a caring family, the ones who are always there for me and i thank them for their unconditional giving and love.  
~ having the greatest grandma in the world.  and be able to show her how much i love her.
~ a job which allows me to be able to afford certain things i fancy and be able to give and share what i have earned with those who are in need.  

and to God who is listening to my prayers and forgiving to my wrong doings. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

just 28 days...

... until christmas!

i wanted to make some christmas decorations,
but i didn't really have much spare time
so ended up making these simple ornaments:

... nothing fancy,
just some felt, lace and buttons.

Monday, November 24, 2008

my new addiction:: spraying

it all started with the mini doilies i was crocheting.
i want to make brooches with them, and pin them onto my bags and totes.
i would need pins
.... and the doily by itself would be too bare.
i went to sham shui po (an area on kowloon side which has lots of local shops selling accessories parts, beads, lace, etc)...  
found the materials that i needed, but the problem was, they were either in silver, gold or bronze color.
i wanted something in white to go with my pastel colored doilies....
hahaha, then i got an idea, i could spray them with white paint!

so the next stop was the model shop.  
after some tips and guidance from the shop owner, i got an air-spray (in matt white) and a surface primer.
the air-spray alone will not sustain on metal surface.  need to apply the surface primer as a *base coating* before applying with the air-spray 
~ just like applying makeup.  need to apply makeup base before putting on foundation!!  (or maybe just a nice coverup by the retailers so that they can sell more products.)

as soon as i got back home with a bag full of goodies and new toys, i started spraying right away...
1st step:  applied the surface primer.  then waited for ard 30 mins.
2nd step:  sprayed with the matt white air-spray and waited for another 30 mins.
3rd step:  repeated the above for both sides of the goodies.

in my first experiment, i have sprayed the following in white:
* two pins (originally, one was in silver and one in gold color)
* a frame (was silver in color)
* la tour eiffel (was also silver in color)

spraying is fun!   but.... the most difficult part is:: deciding what to go with each doily.... 

hello, my name is fleece

lost and found!
this past sunday, i went back to my mom's place to finish up the biannual exercise.
while i was going through the clothes, my mom handed me a bag which was all tied up and asked me what's inside.  
as soon as i opened it, *DUN DUNG*!!!
my stuffed toys (actually just some of them in this particular bag).... and there it was, my good friend FLEECE!

i used to like it very much cos she looks very innocent and is tiny and super soft.  i used to think that it needed a lot of protection...

FLEECE is a beanie baby and according to the tag, she was born in 1996 and needs tender loving care.

i still have the tag on as i was told that you are not supposed to cut off the tag to the beanie baby.

i brought it back home and now it's lying on our cozy bed.  i remember it as a gift from my mother but somotu insisted that he bought it for me....  well, whatever...  as long as i found it now.

*merrr merrrrrr merrrrrrrrr*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

a doily making machine

for the whole of last week, as soon as i got home from work,
i started making these mini doilies.  (yeah, this is why i was staying up late last week...)
at first i was going to turn them into brooches (which i did with a couple of them.  more on this later.),
but then i got other ideas... such as this.
and then, i also took lots of pictures of them with my polaroid (more about this too later...).
so much fun with such little goodies....
i wish every day could be spent like this weekend...

and i felt like a doily making machine....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

jan 2009

i have always wanted to make my own calendar.
last night, i finally got the time.  
but just enough time to make JAN 09.

* first, i folded the cream colored card into half
* then, inked the doily stamp with a watermark stamp pad and stamped onto the corners of the card
* sprinkled white embossing powder on the doily stamp mark.  shake off excess powder
* with the embossing heat gun, created this raised doily pattern in white

* next, stamped the dates onto the card...  
* looked too bare, so added a piece of lace

* lastly, glued a mini lace doily crocheted with linnet's linen thread
* how can it not have a ribbon?  so, added a mini mini wool ribbon


i was going to make the entire 2009 monthly calendar before 2009 arrives, but then i thought it's ok to take my time.
think i will make one monthly, as i may have new ideas and new materials to play with.
but definitely for FEB 09, i will throw in lots of hearts...

Friday, November 21, 2008

i am ready...

... for you, ms. winter....
please stay with us a little longer....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the annual large-scaled exercise

although the weather still hasn't made up its mind as to whether it wants to be *warm* or *cool*,
i think it's about time for me to start the annual exercise.
it's almost december and i am still wearing my summer time clothes...  something doesn't sound right...

so the annual exercise is to replace my wardrobe with winter clothing...
which means i need to take my summer clothing back to my mom's place who will then take them to the dry-cleaner.  
then, after i have freed up space in the wardrobe, i can bring all the winter clothing back from my mom's place to our little home.
this is quite a tedious exercise (lots of paper bags and hangers) and somotu finds it amusing (or, actually, annoying)... cos he couldn't understand why i need to bring clothing back and forth and why can't i just go the dry-cleaners nearby our home.... i don't know really, i guess it is now becoming a habit after moving out for these few years.  one thing i do know is that we don't have enough space in our little home for both my summer and winter clothing....  our home is just too small and we have too much stuff!  

of all the summer clothing, this one-piece dress in cream color is the one which i have not worn at all this summer.  too nice and delicate to wear...  it is my one and only one vintage dress.  i mean real vintage.  i fell in love with it as soon as i laid my eyes on it in a shop a number of years ago....  the entire top layer is made of lace and woven in delicate patterns.   the bottom layer is satin with ruffles along the hem, and the layer in between is yet another piece of delicate lace.  i like its "worn-out", "used" but yet "fancy" look.... 

it's now at my mom's place...  having second thought, maybe i should bring it back.... though it's sleeveless, i can just throw a knit over it or wear a turtleneck underneath... yeah... i should really bring it back this weekend. maybe i can also try wearing it with a long military jacket and a pair of boots.. better yet, maybe try those fluffy fur-ry boots which seem to be the current "IT" fashionable item...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

... and two crazy poopoos

the big fat delicious & juicy turkey was too much to handle for the poopoos.

as soon as i stepped into our home, the poopoos went nuts... 
jumping up and down non-stop, patting my knees crazily, licking their tongues, eyes wide-opened....
thought they missed me???  NO! 
they wanted the turkey!
the aroma of the baked turkey was soooo strong!!!!  it filled up our little home quickly!

and while somotu was enjoying the turkey, the poopoos kept staring at us and the table:

* brownie the poopoo jumping up, trying to catch a glimpse of the turkey placed on the dining table.

* too much jumping, got a bit tired.  brownie the poopoo needed to cool down and rest for a bit...

* .... before he started standing up, jumping again...

* ... still going... standing....

* now standing and peeping from another angle....

and don't be fooled by sugar the poopoo.
she appeared to be very calm and lady-like while brownie the poopoo went nuts in these pictures.
it was only because she saw me holding my camera....  
when i have my camera up, she will sit still.... as if she wants to be photogenic...  hahahaha

Two ☆☆☆☆☆☆ chefs

the details here

after the class, joanna and myself went back to our own home, each carrying a 14 lbs turkey together with all the side dishes and gravy... super heavy!

the turkey looked even bigger when i got home.
our home is too small for this huge turkey!
and we never have such large portion of meat in our house!  kind of scary!!!
lots of junkies, bread and instant food but never meat in this size!  
(actually while i was riding back home, i have thought of giving away portions to friends and family...  but didn't in the end.  i haven't even tasted it...  what if it tasted horrible!!!  they would think it's halloween all over again:: trick or treat!!)

as soon as i settled down at home, i couldn't wait to *serve* somotu with the freshly baked turkey...
but the problem was.....  there was only one one decent and functional cutting knife in our kitchen (as we rarely cook).
and that one knife is................ a bit too small to handle this big fat turkey.
it was a bit of a battle trying to cut nice slices for somotu:

to my surprise, somotu didn't make any comments about the turkey.
no comment is good comment.  hahaha.
for the very very few times i had cooked, i got nothing but *scary* feedbacks...  
something like, "please don't ever cook again, please."
at least with this turkey, he didn't say anything but just ate and ate and ate.
.... and even asked for a second serving....

and this is how much somotu has ate:

but there is still a lot left.... 
guess we will be having turkey instant noodle, turkey hotpot, turkey on rice, turkey sandwich, turkey in campbell soup, turkey & chips etc for the rest of the week...

and... the cooking class was lots of fun!!  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

coming up next....

☆☆☆☆☆☆ chefs
yum yum yum

in the era of cassette tape

after saying *hello* and *see-you-again* to my girls,
i moved on to see what else could i find in my old room.

inside the cupboard underneath the TV, is my little MUSIC world.
CDs, mini-CDs (i almost forgot there used to be those mini-CDs... ),
and cassette tapes!  so old~school and vintage like!  
i was trying to look for my favorite tape.  the one from Danny Chan...
but i couldn't find it.
what i found, amongst other tapes, were:

* quite a few tapes recorded by sabe...  
it all came back to me that we used to record and exchange tapes with one another...  cos we have limited pocket money back in our high-school days, we needed to make the most use out of them and to leverage from one another, i.e. each got tapes from different singers and then recorded for the other.  so clever!  haha...

* akina nakamori is one of my favorite singers...  got quite a number of her tapes.
i took the above back home (yeah, i still have a cassette tape player)... i missed her voice and songs...
back in those days, her voice was considered as "one of its kind" cos she does not have those typical "high pitch" voice...  hers is deeper and mellow
* BUT, it turned out that the tape player wasn't really ready to function.... it almost "ate" my tape!  gosh... luckily i saved the tape... but have broken the tape player......................  
* FIN:

* where is she now????

and, i still don't know where did that Danny Chan's tape go??
the first track of that tape is my favorite Danny Chan's song:
* one of those teenage kicks ~~~ dreaming that one day he could become my boyfriend... how silly.... those were the days.

Monday, November 17, 2008

the girls

that weekend, i said "hello" to my girls...
"long time no see"
and they were sort of complaining to me,
cos ever since i moved out, they never got to see sunlight...
so i needed to give a pat to each one of them...
and in order of my preference (yes, i am biased and unfair... hehehe)

*1* my favorite::  short-hair blythe in a college-look jacket.  
i have a similar one in my college years...

*2* skating blythe... in an all white outfit...  innocent and pure...

*3* glamourous blythe... love the jet-black long hair.  wish mine is like hers.
and her green eyes go so well with her black hair...

*4* oldies blythe....  in a 60s outfit.

... and they were also complaining about this and that.
"how can we all fit into this tiny sofa?"
"please get us a bigger one!"
"actually, please get us a 4000 sq ft house...  we need all the space for our huge wardrobe."
"we also need a car.  so that we can drive to visit you."
so many requests.... i put them all back into the closet....

one way of wearing it

though i said i wasn't going to wear it,
i did.
luckily i didn't spill any food or drinks over it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i ♡ christmas

i love christmas.

i love the warmth, happiness, brightful, cozy and festive feelings it brings...
and not to mention the turkey and cranberry sauce which my mom makes every year (yum yum!)
and of course the giving and receiving of small gifts...

every year, i will want to make all these feelings last and stay longer with me.

what i will do is put up christmas decoration at least a month before (i.e. in early Nov), 
and keep playing christmas songs at home.

if i could, i would probably have christmas decorations in the house all year long, 365 days.
somotu will go "......................."
actually he has already given me some *remarks* about the CD which i play almost everyday during christmas every year..... it's the same CD which i have been playing for years now (hahaha... i think i can imagine what's like for somotu.... but i just can't help but to play it... the songs and melodies make me feel happy). 

so this weekend, i have been busy with the decoration.  
pulling out all the stuff from underneath the bed.

merry christmas!