Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wish list item #2 ~ received

i must admit that i got a bit out of control when i was reading through felissimo's catalogue.
there are quite a number of zakka items which i have longed for but couldn't find them in HK.

lace monogram is on the top of my list.
i have tried asking a number of different shops in HK but none of them carry such things...  there was one which was willing to order for me but at a premium!  

then i saw these lovely monograms in the catalogue ~ was sooooo happy and ordered them right away!
the only problem is, as usual, i can't pick and choose....
i want the initial *A*...  but my luck would be at the mercy of felissimo.
sure enough, when i received my order last week, the set i got was *B*, *O* and *F*,
no *A*!

but i can't really complain.  at least no more searching.  i will just need to keep ordering until luck strikes me!
meanwhile i can use the other initials for friends....  

...  and i really like the design of the packaging, so pretty as usual.

oh, maybe i can do a swap with someone who has also ordered this set but didn't get the desired initials?  
i can swap mine for *A* and *C*.... ^_^


joanna said...

oh oh, i meant to ask earlier if you can choose the letter!! please reserve the "O" for me!! i will order and hope i can you an "A" or "C"!! ^___^

Ciyou said...

That was beautiful~~ was it expensive ordering from japan? I saw the felissimo's catalog here, all are very pretty, but shiping from japan is abit expensive at here

aileen :: motu said...

joanna ~ surely will reserve the *O* for you!!! hehehe

ciyou ~ for us in hk, we need to add 10% as shipping cost. they deliver door to door. how much do they charge over at your place?

Piggy said...

I love lace monogram too! Maybe I should order some soon. :-)

aileen :: motu said...

piggy: yeah and then we can do a swap if we didn't get what we each want! ^_^