Monday, October 20, 2008

under construction... for another 30 years

* sagrada familia
* probably the master piece of gaudi...  said to be completed by 2030 (i don't think so...  though i saw quite a number of workers in the construction area, none of them were actually *at work*)
* we queued in line for around 45 mins to take the lift to the top of the one of these towers of the church
* was a bit scary when we got up...  windy... and high up

* no lift down!  we had to walk hundreds of stairs to come down to the ground.
* towards the last part of the stairway, it was almost completely dark and the stairs got narrower and more winding...  i had to keep staring at the wall to stay focused while walking down the stairs slowly.
* some more pictures here...  am going to upload more

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